Wednesday, April 11, 2018

UK Seeking “Two-way Street” on Defence Cooperation With India

UK Seeking “Two-way Street” on Defence Cooperation With India 

The UK Government and UK defence companies are seeking to deepen and broaden their strategic defence equipment partnerships with India at DEFEXPO 2018. The UK’s attendance at DEFEXPO 2018 will focus on creating a genuine “two-way street” of defence equipment collaboration, investment and technology transfer.

The UK is keen to share its knowledge and experience on developing innovative and cost-effective defence equipment capabilities as the Indian armed forces continue to modernise. 

Guto Bebb MP, The UK Minister for Defence Procurement is leading the UK delegation accompanied by the British High Commissioner to India, the UK Deputy Chief of Defence Staff and the Regional Director for India at the UK Department of International Trade’s Defence and Security Organisation (DSO).  The Minister will be accompanied by some 20 UK companies who are keen to forge mutually beneficial industrial partnerships and joint ventures with Indian companies.

Guto Bebb, UK Minister for Defence Procurement said:

“The UK and India have much to offer one another in defence: including research, development, collaboration and training.  We want to work in partnership with India to build on our shared mutual knowledge, security and prosperity.

We have a range of world-class capabilities across the air, land, maritime, cyber and space domain and we are encouraging UK and Indian companies to innovate, develop and sustain long-term industrial partnerships to meet our shared requirements and to launch new products and capabilities into the global marketplace.”

UK Defence Exports in 2016 were worth £5.9bn. 
UK security exports in 2015 were worth £4.3b.
3.    Companies in the ADS group include: BAE Systems, Pearson Engineering & Cobham
The UK is the top destination in Europe for inward investment and second globally only to the US.

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