Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Induction Of Coast Guard Interceptor Boats (IBs) C-433 & C-434

Two new Interceptor Boats (IBs) C-433 & C-434 built by M/s L&T Ship Building have been inducted into Indian Coast Guard on 16 Aug 2017. The boats were launched on 07 Jun 2017 post extensive trials on equipment and machineries. These boats are part of the 36 IBs project contracted between MoD and L&T shipyard. The inducted boats will be based at Murud Janjiraon western coast. Their presence will further strengthen the coastal security mechanism.

C-433 and C-434 boats would be utilized for day and night close coast patrol &surveillance, SAR, disaster relief, humanitarian assistance, anti-terrorist, anti-smuggling operations and fisheries protection and monitoring. The boats are equipped with state of the art sensors including sophisticated navigational and communication system and are capable of operating in tropical conditions with expected life span of more than 15 years. IBs can achieve speed of 40 Knots. Each IB would be manned by 12 crews, including 01 officer and 02 subordinate officers

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