Monday, August 21, 2017

Demise of Gentleman Cadets at Indian Military Academy

Exercise PAHLA KADAM, a training camp for first term Gentlemen Cadets of Indian Military Academy was being conducted in the general area of Badshahi Bagh, Saharanpur district. During the runback of the exercise, seven Gentlemen Cadets fell unwell due to dehydration. All the Gentleman Cadets were administered first aid by the medical officer present at the exercise location and evacuated in specialized ambulances with paramedic support to Military Hospital, Dehradun. Gentleman Cadet Deepak Sharma whose condition was critical, was however rushed to the nearest medical centre (Lehman Hospital) at Vikasnagar. The individual succumbed to exhaustion and dehydration and passed away at 1:30 pm on 18 Aug despite best efforts made by the doctors.

Meanwhile, the other Gentlemen Cadets were shifted to Military Hospital, Dehradun where they were administered medical treatment. Gentleman Cadet Nabin Kumar Chhetri, the second individual, who was under treatment, however eventually passed away at 11:50 pm despite best efforts made by the doctors. The best medical treatment by specialized doctors at Military Hospital, Dehradun was provided and all efforts were made to treat the individual.

Wreaths were laid for both the departed Gentlemen Cadets in separate ceremonies which were attended by all Officers, JCOs and Gentlemen Cadets of the IMA.

The remaining Gentleman Cadets have been treated at the Military Hospital and are stable.

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