Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Defence Questions In Parliament

1. Production of HTT-40 Trainer Aircraft

The maiden flight of 2nd Prototype (PT-2) of Basic Trainer Aircraft (HTT-40) has been successfully completed on 19th May 2017 without any glitch.  The aircraft flew for one hour carrying out important manoeuvres, touching altitude of 20000 ft and maximum speed of 185 kmph.

Presently, the project is in advanced stage of development.  Two prototypes have been developed and produced till date and both prototypes are under flight trials.  Additionally, one more prototype will be manufactured to further speed up the development process.  Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) aims to get the aircraft certified by December 2018 which will be followed by series production.

In February 2015, the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) approved procurement of 70 Basic Trainer Aircraft from HAL.  Considering this, HAL has planned to set up facility for manufacturing of 15-20 aircraft per annum. HTT-40 is funded by HAL with its own resources.

This information was given by Minister of State for Defence Dr. Subhash Bhamre in a written reply to Shri K Rahman Khan in Rajya Sabha today.

2. Private Sector Participation in Defence Production

The Government has finalized the policy on Strategic Partnerships in the Defence Sector. The Policy on Strategic Partnerships is intended to institutionalize a transparent, objective and functional mechanism to encourage broader participation of the private sector, in addition to DPSUs / OFB, in manufacture of major defence platforms and equipment, such as aircraft, submarines, helicopters and armoured vehicles.  It is expected that the implementation of the Policy will enhance competition, increase efficiencies, facilitate faster and more significant absorption of technology, create a tiered industrial ecosystem, ensure development of a wider skill base, trigger innovation, promote participation in global value chains as well as exports, leading to reduction in dependence on imports and greater self-reliance and dependability of supplies essential to meet national security objectives.  The policy has been uploaded on the website of the Ministry of Defence ( as Chapter VII of DPP-2016.

Transparency and fair competition will be ensured through a rigorous implementation of the processes as contained in the extant Defence procurement procedures.

This information was given by Minister of State for Defence Dr. Subhash Bhamre in a written reply to Dr. Sanjay Sinh in Rajya Sabha today.

3. Bomb Explosion at Jabalpur Ordnance Factory

An incident of bomb explosion occurred, involving old ammunition awaiting disposal, on 25th March, 2017 at one of the buildings of F-3 Section of Ordnance Factory Khamaria (OFK), in Jabalpur.  A Board of Enquiry (BOE) has been constituted at OFK to enquire the incident and assess the extent of damage / loss.  No casualty occurred due to the incident.

Ordnance Factories have been directed to conduct a thorough review of safety systems and procedures and following steps have been taken:

•Before storing the unserviceable explosives / ammunition in the Magazines, ensure compatibility of the explosives.
•Ammunition to be stored on wooden dunnages in properly stacked manner.
•Periodical opening of the magazines for sufficient ventilation for passing of the air and the record thereof should be maintained.
•Windows for ventilation should be made of wire mesh glass.
•Unauthorized / rejected / unserviceable ammunition / explosives should not be stored in the magazines.
•Rejected / obsolete ammunition to be disposed of periodically and record should be maintained.
•The surrounding of the building should be cleaned of dry grass, fallen leaves, wild growth, etc.

This information was given by Minister of State for Defence Dr. Subhash Bhamre in a written reply to Shri Motilal Vora in Rajya Sabha today.
4. Ex-Servicemen Status for Ex-NDA Cadets

26 cadets were declared medically unfit and withdrawn from training due to injuries during the last three years and the current year as per details given below:-

Spring Term 2014   -   05
Autumn Term 2014  – 01
Spring Term 2015   – 07
Autumn Term 2015 – 04
Spring Term 2016    –  01
Autumn Term 2016  – 06
Spring Term 2017    – 02
Autumn Term 2017 – NIL

NDA cadets who are medically boarded out are not being granted Ex-servicemen (ESM) status as the NDA cadets are not yet commissioned as officers and are therefore not counted as “Servicemen”.

Government is implementing schemes for the welfare of NDA cadets .  The following schemes are being implemented:

•Ex-Gratia Awards in cases of Disablement:- The cadet on being medically boarded out is entitled for following benefits:-
oEx-gratia amount -  Rs. 3,500/- p.m.
oEx-gratia disability award – Rs. 6,300/- p.m. (100% disability).
oConstant Attendance Allowance – Rs. 3,000/- p.m. (100% disability as recommended in invaliding medical board).

•AGIF Insurance Cover for NDA Cadets:-
oDisability:-  Rs. 7.5 Lakhs for 100 percent disability proportionately reduced to Rs.1.5 lakhs for 20 % disability.
oEx-gratia Grant:-   Rs. 50,000/- per   cadet   being invalided out with less than 20% of   disability   in the first two years of training and Rs. 1 lakh for cadets if invalided   out   with   less  than  20%  of disability during the last year of training.

Preference in Employment in the Government Jobs: Cadets who are invalidated out on medical grounds attributable to military training are accorded Priority-1 for the purpose of employment in Government service.

The cadet consequent to his injury is provided free medical treatment in Military Hospital, Command Hospital and Research & Referral Hospital, Delhi. The cadet is only invalidated out in the medical board if he does not recover from the injury and is found unfit for further military training with the aforesaid treatment.  The data on expenditure incurred on such treatment is not maintained.

This information was given by Minister of State for Defence Dr. Subhash Bhamre in a written reply to Shri Parimal Nathwani in Rajya Sabha today.

5. Designing of Indigenous Bullet-Proof Jacket

Dr. Shantanu Bhaumik, Amrita University, Coimbatore has claimed that he has developed Bullet Proof Jackets (BPJs) which is based on thermoplastic composite materials using carbon as a reinforcement for making Hard Armour Panels of BPJ. However, in his claim he has not submitted any kind of trial result for the authentication of technology developed for BPJ.

Larsen & Toubro Limited Coimbatore has submitted proposal for development of Light Weight Bullet Proof Material in association with Amrita University Coimbatore. Prof Shantanu Bhaumik of Amrita University is the academic support for the project. The project is yet to sanction under Technology Development Fund (TDF) scheme which focuses on funding the development of defence and dual use technologies that are currently not available with the Indian defence industry or have not been developed so far and inculcate Research and Development (R&D) culture in Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) for defence applications.

This information was given by Defence Minister Shri Arun Jaitley in a written reply to Shri Harivansh in Rajya Sabha today.

6. Defence agreements with Russia

Details of defence agreements signed with Russia over the past five years is as under:

•Agreement for training of Indian armed forces personnel in the military educational establishments of the Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation. (Date of signing 11.12.2014).

•Agreement between the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of India and the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation on cooperation in Aircraft flight safety. (Date of signing 21.01.2015).

•Agreement between the Government of the Republic of India and the Government of the Russian Federation on cooperation in the field of Helicopter Engineering. (Date of signing 24.12.2015).

•Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of India on supply of S-400 Triumph Air Defence Missile systems to the Republic of India. (Date of signing 15.10.2016).

•Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of India for construction of follow-on-ships of project 11356 in Russia and in India (Date of signing 15.10.2016).

The Government makes all efforts to encourage greater manufacturing of defence equipment in India through the ‘Make in India’ framework, including through transfer of technology arrangements.  Several licensed production agreements have been implemented with Russian companies in India, such as for Sukhoi-30 aircraft, T-90 tanks, BMP-2 armoured personnel carriers etc. Divulging the texts of such Agreements will not be in the interest of national security.

This information was given by Minister of State for Defence Dr. Subhash Bhamre in a written reply to Shri Shantaram Naik in Rajya Sabha today.

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