Friday, June 23, 2017

CP Air Zero G au Salon du Bourget / PR Air Zero G at Paris Airshow : World Premiere !!

CP Air Zero G au Salon du Bourget / PR Air Zero G at Paris Airshow : World premiere

For the first time worldwide, Novespace, a subsidiary of the CNES, allows a total immersion in space thanks to Orbital Views and launches the first club of the community Zero-G: “Air Zero G Sky Club”

During this flight, four passengers experimented for the first time worldwide the immersive Orbital Views system. With this innovative virtual reality device onboard, parabolic flights passengers can now contemplate the Earth from space, while floating in true weightlessness.

This spectacular use of virtual reality augments the experience of weightlessness, allowing the passengers to feel and see space like true astronauts. On board the A310 Zero-G, the first clients of Orbital Views were able to witness the beauty of Earth from the International Space Station, first behind the windows of the Cupola then on a spacewalk outside the ISS, and finally jump on the surface of a virtual Moon in true lunar gravity. Next step: Mars!

Draw me... the A310 Zero-G: a drawing by Plantu for members of the “Air Zero G Sky Club” Over 10,000 passengers have flown in weightlessness with Novespace. Now, they will have their club. The club will be chaired by Patrick Gandil, director of the French Civil Aviation Authority, and patronised by explorer Bertrand Piccard. Everybody to have flown in the Novespace Zero G planes
will be part of this Club. Women and men, young or old, famous or not, come from all over the world
and from all walks of life: scientists, researchers, students, business leaders, employees, astronauts,
artists ... all curious and with a real passion for the Space adventure.

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