Monday, June 26, 2017

Rescue Operations by Indian Army at Gulmarg Gondola

As sudden storm struck Gulmarg and uprooted tree damaged Gondola, Troops of Army Garrison at Gulmarg Immediately swung into action for timely rescue operations. While lives of seven civilians including three locals were lost in the tragic incident, columns were launched ex Gulmarg and Sarson to render all assistance. Seven bodies were  immediately evacuated in close coordination with civil administration .  Liaison with ATV and pony association was put into immediate use. Numerous ponies and ATVs were incorporated by the Army rescue team to evacuate tourists stuck at Phase 1 . Efforts were simultaneously coordinated to repair affected section of cable wherein seven cabins with tourists were brought back safely to base in cable cars at earliest. Troops swiftly spanned the entire stretch of Gondola and assured tourists of their safety by calming them down to avoid mass panic leading to any other incident. On successful resumption of Gondola with assistance of Army,  stranded tourists were provided relief  and medical aid. Army doctors on standby rendered first aid.

Army also offered two guest rooms to families who wanted to stay put for the night due to the trauma of the ordeal. Tourists and locals expressed their gratitude for timely action by the Army Jawans. Most of them conveyed that the mere appearance of the Army assured them of their safety.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Indian Coast Guard Ship Kanaklata Barua Decommissioned

As the sun disappeared over the horizon a glorious era of Indian Coast Guard Ship Kanaklata Barua comes to an end.  The ship was decommissioned with full armed forces honours, in a traditional ceremony that was held at Chennai port.  The ceremony was presided over by Additional Director General K Natarajan, Coast Guard Commander (Western Seaboard).  The occasion was graced by various civil and military dignitaries besides previous Commanding Officers and crew of the vessel.

ICGS Kanklata Barua, the third ship in the Priyadarshini class of Fast Patrol Vessels of Indian Coast Guard has served the nation for more than 20 years.  The ship was built at M/s GRSE, Kolkata and was commissioned into Indian Coast Guard service on 27 Mar 1997 by His Excellency Shri KV Raghunath Reddy, Governor of West Bengal at Chennai.  The commissioning Commanding Officer of the ship was Commandant K Natarajan. The ship has the honour of serving two Coast Guard Regions since commissioning.  The ship was rebased to Andaman & Nicobar Region on 15 Apr 1999.

During her lifespan, ICGS Kanaklata Barua sailed for 2124 days at sea and has covered a total distance of 2,65,945 nm.  She participated in various missions in fulfilment of CG Charter of duties.  During these missions, she saved 67 valuable lives in 15 SAR operations, apprehended 57 foreign fishing vessels and 320 crews responsible for poaching in Indian EEZ and evacuated 300 personnel during various relief operations. The ship has also provided towing/ Salvage assistance to 08 vessels thereby ensuring protection of property at sea.  During the 20 years in commission, the ship has seen 13 Commanding Officers.

During the ceremony, an impressive Guard of Honour was paraded and with sunset, the Coast Guard Ensign was hauled down on the ship for the last time.  Soon after ‘Decommissioning Pennant’ which is equal to the length of the ship was lowered.  The Commanding officer of the ship Commandant P Pradeep Kumar supervised the final ceremony and made the final decommissioning report to the Commander Coast Guard Region (East).

The chief guest while addressing the crew and esteemed guests present in the ceremony, highlighted the operations and contributions made by this vessel and commended the ship and all her crew for the Yeoman service they have put in for last 20 years for the organisation.

Astrobotic and ATLAS Annouce Lunar Laser Communications Payload at the Paris Air Show  

Astrobotic and ATLAS Annouce Lunar Laser Communications Payload at the Paris Air Show

Astrobotic and ATLAS Partner to Establish World's First Laser Communication Link from the Lunar Surface
Astrobotic, which is making the Moon accessible to the world, and ATLAS Space Operations Inc., the US leader in cloud-based satellite management and control services proudly announce today at the Paris Air Show that they have signed a payload reservation and partnership to deliver and operate the first-ever laser communications terminal on Astrobotic’s upcoming mission to the Moon. This brings the total number of deals in place for Astrobotic’s mission to eleven.

Through this partnership with ATLAS, Astrobotic is now able to offer up to one gigabit per second of data to its customers. This is an historic, thousand-fold increase of bandwidth for Astrobotic’s lunar mission.

“Astrobotic is thrilled to add this new breakthrough capability to our lunar delivery service,” said John Thornton, CEO of Astrobotic. “Laser communications have been sought after by planetary missions for years. ATLAS and Astrobotic are now making this capability a reality. Laser communications on the Moon will expand payload capabilities dramatically, enabling beautiful high definition video, ground breaking data-intensive experiments, and even virtual reality experiences from the Moon. No doubt this is a foundational capability for building our future on the Moon,” said Thornton.

"ATLAS is the future for space communications, and we’re thrilled that Astrobotic has given us the opportunity to showcase what we can do,” said Sean McDaniel, CEO of ATLAS. “This partnership [between Astrobotic and ATLAS] is a real game changer for lunar communications.” Sean explained, “to date, communications for lunar missions have had no collaboration or continuity in efforts, meaning each time another mission launches, there needs to be a new communications solution. But our optical communications terminal provides Astrobotic’s customers with a turnkey solution for strong and reliable comms [communications] for the foreseeable future, between lunar missions and earth.”

“This new deal is further acknowledgement by the space community that Astrobotic is the technical and programmatic leader in the commercial lunar services market,” said Thornton.

Paris Air Show - Dassault Systèmes Partners with AVIC to Found a Sino-French Industry Joint Innovation Center

Dassault Systèmes Partners with AVIC to Found a Sino-French Industry Joint Innovation Center
Center will comprehensively introduce advanced digital technologies across the entire development cycle, creating a new model for the aviation industry with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and industry solution experiences

Dassault Systèmes  and the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) today announced the signing of a contract to establish a Sino-French Industry Joint Innovation Center that will operate across the complex system lifecycle specific to the aviation industry and its entire industrial chain.
The signing of this cooperation agreement is another major step forward since the signing of an MOU by the two parties in March of this year. Dassault Systèmes and AVIC will strive to make the center a major pillar of the "Made in China 2025" and “Industrie du Futur” cooperation framework through sustained investment by both companies. The Sino-French Industry Joint Innovation Center will be located in the China Aviation Industry Science and Technology Park of Zhongguancun, Beijing. As of now, both China and France have completed the Innovation Center’s top-level design.

The center will focus on leveraging resources from both companies to create an innovation ecosystem spanning industry, academia, researchers and users. It will facilitate the introduction of advanced digital technologies to transform the traditional design-manufacture-test model into a new design-virtual synthesis-digital manufacture-physical manufacture model, making it possible to create innovative environments such as immersive experiences (VR+AR), dynamic simulation, additive manufacturing, and multi-robot advanced manufacturing. The center will serve as an incubator for innovative technologies to be used by China’s manufacturing industry, helping to guide and drive China’s industrial transformation.

Dassault Systèmes is a leading global supplier of 3D design software with strengths in the Aerospace & Defense industry. Its solutions are extensively used by the top 20 aircraft manufacturers in the world, including Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, Cessna Aircraft and their primary contractors. Dassault Systèmes’ solutions have been used by China’s aerospace industry for nearly 30 years to help drive the advancement of its domestic aircraft sector, and Dassault Systèmes’ CATIA suite of applications has become an essential fixture at Chinese aircraft manufacturers.

With nearly 30 listed companies and over 500,000 employees, AVIC is a key partner for Dassault Systèmes in China. AVIC has very strong R&D capabilities, with an advanced scientific research system consisting of 33 research institutes including the Chinese Aeronautical Establishment (CAE), a large team of academics and nationally recognized experts, many national key laboratories, and leading science laboratories.

In their nearly 30 years of collaboration, Dassault Systèmes and AVIC have extensively applied software technologies to China’s aviation product development and manufacture chain, and have built an expertise center and a sector for product lifecycle management (PLM) technology support and services.

The founding of the Sino-French Industry Joint Innovation Center marks yet another milestone in the ongoing efforts by both companies to deepen their partnership in new ways. Both companies leverage Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform to jointly build and promote integrated solutions for the complex lifecycle of aviation products that incorporate on-demand development, system architecture and design, engineering modeling and simulation, virtual testing, and digital manufacture.

“The Experience Economy ushers in a new industrial revolution in the Aerospace industry with the emergence of highly modular, connected, and smart production environments, as well as new business models based on fast interaction with users. This 3DEXPERIENCE Center will be a leading incubator of a future manufacturing paradigm, innovative industrial solutions, and new skills for the engineers of tomorrow, leveraging Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE innovation platform,” said Bernard Charlès, Vice Chairman and CEO, Dassault Systèmes. “Our objective is that it will advance the future industrial development plans of both countries, and successfully become a key component of their new industrial cooperation framework.”

Mr. Zhang Xinguo, deputy general manager of AVIC, said: “The complexity of aviation systems is growing exponentially, and traditional document-based system engineering can no longer handle the challenges of such complex systems. System engineering model-based continuous development will be a key driver in the transformation of the development model used in China’s aviation industry. I hope that the founding of this joint innovation center can leverage Dassault Systèmes’ global leading solutions to explore a set of innovative methodologies and best practices that will fuel innovation and development within China’s aviation industry.”

CP Air Zero G au Salon du Bourget / PR Air Zero G at Paris Airshow : World Premiere !!

CP Air Zero G au Salon du Bourget / PR Air Zero G at Paris Airshow : World premiere

For the first time worldwide, Novespace, a subsidiary of the CNES, allows a total immersion in space thanks to Orbital Views and launches the first club of the community Zero-G: “Air Zero G Sky Club”

During this flight, four passengers experimented for the first time worldwide the immersive Orbital Views system. With this innovative virtual reality device onboard, parabolic flights passengers can now contemplate the Earth from space, while floating in true weightlessness.

This spectacular use of virtual reality augments the experience of weightlessness, allowing the passengers to feel and see space like true astronauts. On board the A310 Zero-G, the first clients of Orbital Views were able to witness the beauty of Earth from the International Space Station, first behind the windows of the Cupola then on a spacewalk outside the ISS, and finally jump on the surface of a virtual Moon in true lunar gravity. Next step: Mars!

Draw me... the A310 Zero-G: a drawing by Plantu for members of the “Air Zero G Sky Club” Over 10,000 passengers have flown in weightlessness with Novespace. Now, they will have their club. The club will be chaired by Patrick Gandil, director of the French Civil Aviation Authority, and patronised by explorer Bertrand Piccard. Everybody to have flown in the Novespace Zero G planes
will be part of this Club. Women and men, young or old, famous or not, come from all over the world
and from all walks of life: scientists, researchers, students, business leaders, employees, astronauts,
artists ... all curious and with a real passion for the Space adventure.

EMESA National Coaching Camp For Indian Sailors

With monsoons knocking at the city and Hussain Sagar the sailing seasons is starting with the biggest event of the country Hyderabad Sailing Week, Senior Multi Class Sailing Championship-2017.  As always the championship is preceded by National Sailing Camp for all classes being conducted by EME Sailing Association (EMESA) from 11 to 26 Jun 2017 at EME Sailing Annexe, Hussain Sagar Lake in Hyderabad.

The Camp was inaugurated by Mr A Dinakar Babu, IAS, MD & VC Sports Authority of Telangana State. Colonel Atulya Bamzai, Rear Commodore, EME Sailing Association and other dignitaries were also present. Best Coaches of the country like, Arjuna Awardee, Rajesh Choudhary, Asian Games twice medalist, Gajendar Singh, International Medalist, Dharmender Singh, Nijeesh Baskharan, BK Rout International Medalist, Ashish and other top National Sailors coaching the sailors during the camp.

More than 10 teams from all around the country, Senior & Young sailors of EMESA, Boys and Girls of Telangana Sports School & NCC and top youth sailors are attending the camp.  More than 50 boats of Senior and Youth classes are being utilized for training.

MC-21 Prepares For Next Stage of Flight Tests

The MC-21 aircraft is being prepared for the next stage of flight tests
MC-21- 300 test aircraft performed another flight, which completes the first stage of the in-plant testing. At this stage, in accordance with the test program, a set of the following works was successfully performed:- the characteristics of stability and controllability of the aircraft in various configurations of high-lift devises with released and retracted landing gear;
- aerodynamic corrections of the system for measuring altitude and speed parameters in the range of heights and velocities determined;
- various modes of the power plant operation in flight and on the ground have been tested;
- the working capacity of aircraft systems was tested, including the in-flight workability of an emergency ram air turbine.

Designers of the Engineering Center of the Irkut Corporation and specialists of the flight test division of the Yakovlev Design Bureau are processing the received information. At the same time preparation of the MC-21 aircraft for the next stage of flight tests are beginning.

Paris Air Show: Thales and Reliance Defence Limited to form Joint Venture

Thales and Reliance Defence Limited to form Joint Venture

Thales and Reliance Defence Limited announced today their intent to form an Indian Joint Venture (JV) with the proposed shareholding of 49% and 51% respectively.

Leveraging Thales offset commitment as part of Rafale Contract, the JV is to develop Indian capabilities to integrate and maintain Radar and Electronic Warfare sensors. The JV will develop skills and activity in the Special Economic Zone of Mihan-Nagpur together with an Indian supply chain for the manufacturing of microwave technologies and high performance airborne electronics.

Set up with a long term strategy to serve the Indian needs, this partnership between Thales and Reliance Defence Limited will strengthen the Prime Minister Narendra Modi “Make in India” vision.

Patrice Caine, Chairman and CEO, Thales, said: “We are delighted to seal this strategic collaboration with Reliance Defence Limited. This JV resonates with our strategy to strengthen our industrial footprint in the country by building collaborations with the Indian industry. It reaffirms our commitment to India, and our active contribution to “Make in India”.

Anil Ambani, Chairman Reliance Group said: “The Strategic Partnership with Global leader Thales is another major milestone in our march towards best in the class manufacturing at support facilities for Military hardware in India. Reliance is committed to ‘Make in India’ and ‘Skill India’ initiatives of the Government and will continue to remain in the fore front, partnering with the best in the World.”

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Paris AirShow - Leonardo and HENSOLDT to upgrade more than 350 UK air, land and sea platforms in contract worth over €290M

The team will upgrade the IFF systems, which automatically recognise whether vehicles are friend or foe, on 31 UK platform types.

The new, more-secure Mode-5 IFF technology is mandated for all NATO nations for installation by 2020
Leonardo and HENSOLDT are aiming to replicate this model around the world to offer Mode-5 IFF upgrade solutions to customers looking to operate alongside NATO forces Rome, 22 June 2017 – Leonardo has signed a contract with the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) worth in excess of 290 million Euros. The contract will see Leonardo and HENSOLDT, working together as ‘Team Skytale’, upgrade the IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) technology on more than 350 of the UK’s operational aircraft, naval vessels and ground-based air defence systems to the latest ‘Mode-5’ standard. IFF technology is central to all military operations as it acts as a modern- day ‘challenge and response’ password system based on automated electronic signals. This ensures that forces can recognise friends, which when contacted will reply with the correct signal, and identify potentially hostile vehicles which will not.

All NATO nations are mandated to switch to the new Mode-5 standard IFF by 2020, which uses advanced cryptographic techniques to secure the systems against electronic deception by adversaries. This is important when forces are operating together because ensuring that ground, air and naval crews can reliably recognise their allies is one of the main ways of avoiding so-called ‘friendly fire’ incidents.

Under the contract, Leonardo and HENSOLDT will upgrade legacy UK aircraft, naval vessels and
ground-based air-defence systems with an out-of-service date after 2020, which covers 11 aircraft
types (managed by Leonardo), 18 naval vessel types and 2 land-based platform types (managed
by HENSOLDT). The team will also establish a Mode-5 IFF support hub in the UK.

In addition to NATO forces, other nations which want to conduct operations alongside NATO
countries will also need to upgrade to the Mode-5 IFF standard. To address this requirement, Leonardo has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with HENSOLDT to offer IFF upgrade solutions to customers around the world. Under the agreement, the two companies will offer their combined IFF product portfolios to offer a flexible approach that can be tailored to the needs of
different international customers.

For the UK upgrade, the team will provide Leonardo’s M428 Transponder and SIT 2010 cryptographic computer and HENSOLDT’s MSSR 2000 I® and MSR 1000 I Interrogator. Notably,
the team offers the only source of cryptography key generation technology available outside of the United States, providing an entirely-European source of Mode 5 IFF capability. Because of this European design and manufacture, Mode 5 IFF technology offered by the Leonardo/HENSOLDT
team is readily exportable.

Together, Leonardo and HENSOLDT are Europe’s leading provider of Mode-5 IFF solutions. Leonardo has previously delivered Mode 5 IFF for the UK Royal Air Force’s Eurofighter Typhoons
the Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers. Leonardo also provides Mode 5 IFF technology for the new Saab Gripen-E fighter and has recently demonstrated innovative reverse- IFF (air-to-ground) capabilities on Italian Typhoon aircraft. The company is also currently studying this new capability for the future Eurofighter as part of a UK MoD technology demonstrator programme. HENSOLDT is under contract to upgrade German, French, US and other armed forces’ platforms with Mode 5 IFF systems. Among others, the company’s IFF equipment is deployed on all German Navy ships as well as several UK Royal Navy ships. HENSOLDT has also established the air traffic control/IFF network of the German Air Force.

Cabinet Approves Constitution of Indian Naval Material Management Service As Organized Group

Cabinet approves Constitution of Indian Naval Material Management Service (INMMS) as an Organized Group ‘A’ Engineering Service

The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved constitution of an organized Group ‘A’ Engineering Service, namely Indian Naval Material Management Service (INMMS) and consequent changes in cadre structure of existing Group ‘A’ cadre of Naval Store Officers of the Indian Navy.

 Constitution of an Organized Group ‘A’ Service would attract the best talents available and bring in technically qualified Material Managers. It will improve the functional efficiency of Material Management of Naval Stores and ensure operational readiness of the Navy at all times.

The proposed INMMS would attract the best talents available and will provide a reservoir of technically qualified Material Managers for handling the Materials Management functions of Indian Navy. It will improve the functional efficiency of Material Management of Naval Stores and ensure operational readiness of the Navy at all times as well as provide better career prospects for the incumbents.