Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Textron Line-Up At Aero India-2017

Textron Systems’ Aerosonde Small Unmanned Aircraft System (SUAS) offers superior reliability and multi-mission performance in its class. Our skilled operators and maintainers are delivering thousands of flight hours monthly with the Aerosonde SUAS for customers around the world. Designed for expeditionary land- and sea-based operations and equipped for simultaneous day-and-night full-motion video,communications relay and intelligence in a single flight, the Aerosonde SUAS delivers reliable, multi-mission performance in a class by itself.


Textron Systems’ Aerosonde SUAS is field-proven over more than 150,000 flight hours, including desert heat and Arctic cold. Equipped for day/night full-motion video, communications relay, signals intelligence and a customer-selected payload in a single flight, the aircraft offers up to 200 watts of payload power for true multi-mission flexibility. We couple that capability with numerous business models including full system sales with training services, turnkey fee-for-service operations, and a hybrid business model that includes hands-on training during operations
Textron Systems’ Fury precision guided weapon provides a strike capability against static and moving soft or vehicle targets. The small, lightweight glide weapon is designed for carriage on platforms ranging from small unmanned aerial systems to Class IV unmanned area systems and light attack aircraft. Fury utilizes Semi-Active Laser (SAL) and GPS guidance, proven in testing to be accurate within one meter of a designated target.

Fury is a small, lightweight glide weapon designed for and integrated onto tactical unmanned aircraft system (TUAS) platforms, including the Textron Systems Unmanned Systems Shadow® and Shadow M2. The weapon utilizes advanced technologies including GPS guidance with SAL terminal seeker and a mature warhead equipped with tri-mode fuzing for optimized engagement against a range of stationary and moving targets. The system delivers optimal effects against personnel in the open and vehicle targets up to lightly-armored vehicles. Fury provides optimal engagement range and precision to engage static and moving targets. The weapon provides off-axis strike capability to augment the existing Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) to allow manned and unmanned aircraft systems to engage targets while eliminating the need to come off station or call in other armed platforms. Fury is the ideal weapon for enhancing the UAS mission. Fury is designed with common interfaces, making it a platform-agnostic weapon system. In addition to applications on TUAS platforms, it can be integrated onto fixed-wing platforms, such as Light Attack Aircraft, and Class IV UAS platforms. Fury can be carried as a single-carried pylon mount or a multi-carriage rack that utilizes already integrated rail mounts for low-cost and rapid integration. The weapon has been designed to minimize the drag and weight impact on the platform in comparison to larger weapon options to optimize the platform and mission performance.
Fury provides a new capability for TUAS to Class IV platforms, augmenting the existing ISR mission with an asymmetric warfare strike asset. The weapon’s reliable precision and lethal effects provides an ideal capability to complement fielded options on larger platforms
 Textron Systems has engineered, tested, and demonstrated a small, lightweight, precision glide weapon called G-CLAW. It features a GPS-aided INS, proportional control actuation system, and a 20 lb shaped charge warhead with fragmentation sleeve optimized for anti-personnel, vehicles (including light armor), watercraft, and light structures.

 Textron Systems’ G-CLAW is the weapon of choice in support of critical tactical missions, providing flexibility, reliability and affordability. G-CLAW is a guided glide munition with a flexible design, allowing for multiple seeker types and delivery platforms. It has a fully articulated tail control actuation system and INS/GPS with semi-active laser seeker guidance, enabling precision delivery performance. The height of burst (HOB) sensor fuzes for optimal effects. G-CLAW is designed for dispensing from the Common Launch Tube as well as standard bomb racks. Its electronics architecture also supports the military standard interface MIL-STD-1553. Its modular design supports rapid incorporation of emerging technologies in guidance, seekers and effects. G-CLAW can adapt to changing mission requirements with minimal development costs.
 Textron Systems’ Shadow M2 builds on the unparalleled success of our Shadow Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (TUAS),
which has more than one million flight hours around the world. Delivering greater endurance and payload capacity, the Shadow M2’s multi-mission capability and performance make it comparable to much larger strategic UAS platforms. The Shadow M2’s commonality to the latest Shadow RQ-7B Version 2 (v2) brings its capability into reach for existing and new users far more cost-effectively than larger systems. 

The Shadow TUAS is the only system of its size in the world to
have surpassed one million flight hours. With increased endurance
and payload capacity over previous versions, the Shadow v2 TUAS
delivers an in-field advantage with setup in minutes. The Shadow v2 TUAS delivers multi-mission support, including a high-bandwidth, encrypted data link to carry a range of payloads from high-definition video to secure control for prosecution missions. The system provides intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance,
communications relay and optional laser designation, and is
optimized for manned/unmanned teaming.

Textron Systems supports the Shadow TUAS with skilled
operations, training, supply chain management, sustainment
and upgrades — all reflecting our more than 30 years of UAS

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