Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Aero India-2017 Russian Helicopters Developing New Aftersales Service Framework In India

Russian Helicopters developing new aftersales service framework in India

The Russian Helicopters Holding Company (part of State Corporation Rostec) is working to improve its aftersales services and introduce a single-window system of cooperation with foreign clients in terms of the new strategy of Rostec's aviation cluster. A pilot project is currently being implemented in India.

This framework entails centralization of all the aftersales-related processes and represents the first
step in providing operators with an aftersales services package and the transitioning of the organization of aftersales service under the life cycle contract. As a rotorcraft designer and
manufacturer, Russian Helicopters intends to utilize its existing cooperation with other Russian
companies engaged in helicopter building to ensure operation of the machines throughout the full
term of their life cycle.

We find it important to provide Russian helicopters in India with timely and proper service, said Igor Chechikov, Russian Helicopters Deputy CEO for Aftersales Service, at the Aero India 2017 exhibition. In terms of the single-window system project, the holding company and Russian-made helicopters parts suppliers will work out a plan to provide the machines with an aftersales services package to serve the interests of foreign operators. We will implement the practices acquired into the global aftersales service system of Russian Helicopters Chechikov stated.

The Russian Helicopters Holding Company's experts expect the single-window system to improve the quality of the company's aftersales service, and that will give it an edge over its foreign
competitors. As a result of implementing the system, operators will not have to negotiate with
hundreds of parts manufacturers, for they will have the single window through which to obtain the
entire range of aftersales services for Russian helicopters.

The system will not only make the process of organizing helicopter maintenance and repair
significantly easier, but will also reduce the time to provide such services. In the meantime,
operators will obtain parts and services certified by the Russian Helicopters Holding Company as
their manufacturer.

The Russian Helicopters Holding Company is currently in the process of approving long-term
contracts for the supply of spare parts and provision of aftersales service to operators. The company is also testing the organization and conditions of cooperation with suppliers of parts for
Russian helicopters operated by foreign clients through the integrated aftersales service center.”

Russian Helicopters, (part of State Corporation Rostec), is one of the global leaders in helicopter production and the only helicopter design and production powerhouse in Russia. Russian Helicopters was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Moscow. The company comprises five helicopter production facilities, two design bureaus, a spare parts production and repair facility, as well as an aftersale service branch responsible for maintenance and repair in Russia and all over the world.

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