Friday, January 6, 2017

Coast Guard Ships Host School Children

The Indian Coast Guard is celebrating its 40th raising day on  01 Feb 17. As Part Of Coast Guard Week Celebration, Coast Guard Region East is Organizing CG Ships open for school children from 05-06 Jan 2017  to create awareness amongst the children about duties and responsibilities of Indian Coast Guard.

Children from various school at Chennai visited the Indian Coast Guard  Off Shore Patrol Vessel Sagar And Varad at  Chennai Port On 05 Jan 17.  Coast Guard has  been entrusted with the task of safeguarding the vast coastline as well as the waters adjacent to the Indian Peninsula. The visit was also aimed at igniting young mind to choose Coast Guard service as career prospects in future.

On 05 Jan, 1208 students were taken around Indian Coast Guard Ships Sagar And Varad. They were acquainted with sensors  and  weapons.  Coast Guard helicopter demonstrated search and rescue which enthralled the students.

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