Friday, September 9, 2016

Combined Display At Officers Training Academy

Pics Courtesy : Sat Basani

A Combined Display consisting of Equestrain Display, Parasailing, Continuity Drill, Band Display and Motor Cycle was held at Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai on 09 Sep 2016 as part of the end of term activities.  The Combined Display marks the culmination of the Club and Adventure Training at the OTA  and showcases the expertise of our Officer Cadets and Indian Army Display Teams.  An exciting show was put up by the Officer Cadets, Instructors of the Officers Training Academy, Chennai and also by selected Regimental teams.  The event was witnessed by Officers and all ranks, parents and guests of Passing out Officer Cadets.

Equestrain Display. Horse riding epitomises martial prowess and requires courage and boldness.  Equestrain proficiency is a mandatory part of training and is also a Club Activity in OTA.  Major Aneesh the Equitation Training Officer of OTA with Officer Cadets Sachin, Ritika Dahiya and Vignesh Pillai to presented a scintillating and breath taking demonstration of an array of performances to included many variations of Tent Pegging and Show Jumping.

Parasailing.  The Parasailing Club is a popular outdoor club which provides the thrill and excitement of being airborne to the Officer Cadets.  Spectators enjoyed parasailing display by Lady Cadet Bharatha Srilekha and Gentleman Cadet Shivsingh The Parasailing team was trained by Major Puneet Aswal a para trooper and a Directing staff of OTA.  The audience clapped and cheered the young officer cadets as they sailed around in style and landed with precision.

Continuity Drill. The Gentlemen and Lady cadets of OTA performed with precision, drill routines in which they twirled their INSAS rifles and moved with absolute coordination to display an excellent show.  This marvelous display of absolute   synchronisation was achieved, unbelievably, without a single word of Command.

Gymnastics Display.‘High Horse’ is an Artistic Gymnastic Apparatus on which the gymnasts perform their vaulting skills and is an advanced and challenging physical training activity which tests the dexterity and daring of the performer.  This display by the instructors and the Officer Cadets of OTA, Chennai included Through Vault, Astride Vault, Fly Dive and Ring Fire Dive.

Band Display. A combined Military Band of 9th Bn the Madras Regiment, Madras Engineering Group (MEG) Centre Bangalore and Guards Regimental Centre Kamptee led by Sub S Ramu played martial music tunes to enthrall the audience.  The colourful dress rousing music and crisp maneovures of the Pipers and Drummers were a treat to watch.

Paramotor Display. Dare devils of the 50 (Independent) Parachute Brigade led by Subedar of 11th Bn the Parachute Regt put up a mesmerizing paramotor display.   The pilot has to do a deft balancing act between the propulsive power of the motor and the force of the wind sail in mid air to successfully maneovure his craft to the destination.  The tricolor Para sails basked in the flory of the rising sun evoking partriotic fervor amongst the spectators.

Motor Cycle Display. TORNADOES, the Guinness Book of World Record holding Motor Cycle Display Team of ASC Centre, Bengaluru performed feats which made the spectators hold their breath.  Prominent manoevures like the Scissors Crossing and Parallel Crossing were deftly executed and so were hair raising individual events like dare devil jumps through fire, brick wall and over the supine bodies of 15 riders lying adjoining each other.  This 25 minute long spectacle marked the finale to a grand morning in the Acharya Training Area of OTA Chennai.  

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