Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Participants Arrive For Multinational Military Exercise Conducted By Indian Army At Pune

After the successful culmination of ‘Training of 28 Foreign Trainers’ for multinational Field Training Exercise (FTX), over 300 participants from 18 ASEAN Plus countries arrived in Pune on 01 March 2016 for the largest multinational ground forces exercise on Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA) and Peace Keeping Operations (PKO).

The successful training of 28 foreign trainers from ASEAN Plus nations by the Indian Army would facilitate smooth conduct of FTX from     02-08 Mar 2016, and thus demonstrate perfect team spirit.  In the coming week, the participants from 18 ASEAN Plus nations would undergo  rigorous joint training to establish and practice baseline interoperability in the field of ‘Peace Keeping Operations’ & dealing with ‘Un Exploded Ordnances’. The overwhelming participation in the FTX is indicative of regional bonhomie amongst the ASEAN Plus countries.

Soon after reception at Pune Airport, the participants were taken by the Indian Army to Pune Military Cantonment, where they would be hosted for the duration of FTX.

The event is going to commence with Opening Ceremony on 02 Mar 2016, being presided over by the Army Commander of Southern Command. 

Information regarding the exercise can also be  accessed from www.facebook.com/Force 18

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