Monday, March 14, 2016

Indian Army's Second Rescue Operation In Nasta Chhun Pass Avalanche

Indian Army carried out its second rescue operation in Shamshabari ranges, after heavy snowfall along the Shamshabari and the Nasta Chhun Pass since 10 March , resulting in numerous avalanches.

Yesterday at Nasta Chhun Pass an Army detachment rescued Arshad Mir, Police Constable who was caught in snow near Khooni Nala about 4 Kms from Nasta Chhun Pass. 

The avalanche rescue team at Nasta Chhun Pass immediately sprung to action despite heavy snowfall, snow blizzard, and zero visibility. Medical aid was immediately rendered.

This was the second consecutive rescue operation of the Army detachment at Nasta Chhun Pass after they had rescued 73 civilians from an avalanche in the same area on 11 March 16.

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