Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Indian Air Force Winds Up Tamil Nadu Relief Operations

Indian Air Force winds up Tamil Nadu Relief Operations 

1. Chennai is slowly regaining normalcy, as the flood waters recede. The Tamil Nadu Govt has asked the Indian Air Force (IAF) to conclude its relief operations. Undertaken amidst heavy rains, these operations were carried out over five days, from 02 December to 06 December 2015. 

2. The IAF had responded swiftly to the flood crisis in the Chennai region, commencing operations at dawn on 02 December 2015, even as the rains continued. It mounted rescue and relief operations from Air Force Station Tambaram & Arakkonam. IAF’s transport aircraft were pressed into service, comprising of C-17, C-130, IL-76 and AN-32 and flew 40 sorties. IAF airlifted 30 National Disaster Relief Force (NDRF) teams and five Indian Army columns into the affected areas. These aircraft also evacuated 770 stranded civilian passengers to Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi. Also, 281 tons of relief material was airlifted, including suction pumps and boats. 

3. Simultaneously, 13 IAF helicopters were utilised in the Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief effort. Chennai’s civil airport at Meenambakkam was rendered inoperative due to floods. The helicopters used the nearby IAF Base at Tambaram. Tambaram was also flooded, but could, however, support helicopter operations.These IAF helicopters operated under difficult conditions, in rain and in marginal weather. Flying 195 sorties, they airlifted 450 stranded people, including women, infants and senior citizens. 37 tons of relief material such as food and water were air dropped. 

4. IAF operations ceased by the evening of 06 December 2015. As the flood waters abate, this latest Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief effort of the IAF has brought succour to the lives of residents of the Chennai.

Army Flood Relief in Chennai - Update on 08 Dec 2015

            The Indian Army has over 70 teams along with 57 BAUTS (medium sized boats) and 16 geminis (small boats) in Tamil Nadu undertaking Relief Operations in co-ordination with the Civil Administration. These teams have rescued more than 19,600 stranded people. Army Medical Teams have provided Medical Aid in various parts of Chennai to 14,600 people. So far, the Army has distributed over 1,25,000 Relief Packets provided by the State Govt and some NGOs besides those from within own resources.  

            The relief teams along with medical teams of the Army are also located at Cuddalore and Bhuvanagiri for assistance as required by the State Administration.

            The focus has shifted to relief operations to include distribution of relief material and administration of medical assistance.

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