Sunday, November 15, 2015

Indo-Russia Joint Excercise Indra-2015 In Progress

The 14 days India Russia exercise is progressing at the Mahajan Field Firing Ranges, in Rajasthan with effect from 07 November 2015 and would conclude on 20 Nov 2015. 

A high level of professional understanding is being displayed by both the Armies by overcoming language barriers as well as the uniqueness of their training environments. The exercise, over the past week, has generated excellent professional synergy and military momentum. INDRA-2015 will culminate in a Validation Exercise which would be conducted over the next week.

This year’s joint exercise involves a total of 500 military personnel, and is aimed towards training soldiers under the UN Mandate, to defeat any current and future terrorist threats that may emerge. The exercise is aimed at strengthening and broadening the inter-operability and co-operation between both the Armies. 

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