Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Indian Army Special Forces (21 Para) Martyr Defied Family Tradition Of Selling Milk To Join Army - R.I.P.

Colonel Santosh Mahadik,  21 Para SF, Commanding Officer of 41 RR fell to the bullets of Pakistani terrorists, today in Kupwara J&K and made the supreme sacrifice for the nation, leading from the front.

'Santoo' for coursemates, leaves behind 2 children, son - 7 years old and daughter- 4 years old. Mahadik was from Sainik School Satara. His coursemates remember him as an excellent sportsman, who defied his family tradition of selling milk and joined the Army.

"Right from our school days this crazy like a bull guy always spoke of supreme sacrifice . The son of a small town milkman, with absolute humble background, defying family traditions of selling milk, joined Sainik School Satara unlike his other siblings. Calm in composure, gentle in demeanor, carried a storm in his heart. Best Boxer of the school, Goal Keeper of School's State Champion football team and maniac like runner, always had a smile on his face when he worked out hard in gym. More he sweated, wider was the beam."

"Before one of the finals of the boxing bout I told him “ Santoo, you might be a good boxer but I am going to beat you this time”. He just smiled at me. I lost the bout to him. When I congratulated him in presence of his father who had come to witness the final bout telling him “ you saved your Medal buddy “. His father said “this is not the great fight of my son. His real fight will be on the borders protecting this nation and my son will always be victorious”. The class XI boy I was had not much idea about borders and army operations then. But brimming warrior like smile on Santoo’s face gave a impression to me that his father spoke Santoo’s heart out . Today on 17 Nov 2015 , Santoo fought and fought like a true warrior. He laid his life in supreme sacrifice for this great nation making his father and all of us more proud of him than ever. Reminiscences of his smile reverberating in our minds that “ he will always be victorious”.

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