Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Combined Display Organised At Officers Training Academy

A Combined Display consisting of Equestrian Display, Lezim, Continuity Drill, High Horse and Bayonet Fighting was held at Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai on 11 Sep 2015 as part of end of term activities. The chief guest for the occasion was Lieutenant General R P Sahi, Commandant, Officers Training Academy. An exciting show of dare devilry was displayed by the Gentlemen/Lady cadets, instructors of the Officers Training Academy and also by selected Regimental teams. The event was witnessed by Officers and all ranks, civilian staff of OTA and the Gentlemen and Lady Cadets of junior and passing out course and their proud parents and guests.

Equestrian Display.     Horse riding has always been an adventurous sport which requires boldness. This sport is mandatory part of training and a club activity for trainees. Display included Tent Pegging, Show Jumping and Musical Ride.

LEZIM.    Lezim is a folk dance of Maharashtra, wherein dancers carry small musical instruments with jingling cymbals called the Lezim. Lezim show was performed by Team from Maratha Light Regimental Centre, Belgaum.

Continuity Drill.    A Skilful & audacious display of continuity drill with rifles by the Gentlemen and lady cadets of the Academy involving coordinated movements without a single verbal command.

High Horse.  High horse, an advanced and challenging physical training activity to test the litheness, speed and alacrity of a trainee. It inspires confidence and team spirit amongst trainers and enables skilful obstacles clearance in battle field. The high horse includes activities such as through vault, Astride Vault, Fly dive & Ring fire dive.

Bayonet Fighting.      The will to meet and destroy the enemy in a hand-to-hand combat is the spirit of bayonet fighting. In a close quarter battle, the bayonet fighting skills make the dividing line between victory and defeat. Enlivening this intrepid sprit, a band of cadets presented the Bayonet Fighting Display.

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