Friday, July 10, 2015

Debris Of Indian Coast Guard Dornier Located

Indian naval Submarine Sindhudhvaj, whilst on redeployment for locating the missing aircraft, picked up a barrage of transmissions in a depth of 996 meters on 06 Jul 2015.  This information was a vital source for deployment of the Reliance vessel,  MV Olympic Canyon to localize the search.

Consequently, the unrelenting and uninterrupted search which, included 693 hours of surface effort and 196 hours of air effort finally yielded positive results.  The state of the art Multifunctional Support Vessel (MSV) of M/s Reliance India Limited with integrated Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) was able to locate and recover the FDR (Flight Data Recorder) and one Line Replacement Unit (LRU) from a depth of 950 meters in a unique and first ever salvage at such depths.

The Flight Data Recorder could provide vital inputs towards establishing the cause of the incident.  This is a major accomplishment to the unprecedented search operation which was launched about month back.

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