Saturday, June 20, 2015

Search For Missing Coast Guard Dornier Continues

Sustained efforts to search and locate the missing ICG Aircraft are continuing round the clock by ships and aircraft of Indian Coast Guard and Indian Navy for more than 10 days. Total of 180 hours have been flown so far by ICG and IN aircraft towards the search.Sea bed profiling by NIOT Research Vessel Sagar Nidhi was carried out for 48 hours in the most probable area. However, no significant leads could be obtained from the bottom search.

The submarine INS Sindhudhwaj was again deployed in the area on departure of RV Sagar Nidhi. The submarine triangulated a source transmitting in Band II (8 – 40 Khz) in area. The state of the art Multifunctional Support Vessel (MSV) 'Olympic Canyon' with integrated Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) has been provided by M/s Reliance Industries Limited free of cost as a noble gesture towards humanitarian cause of search and rescue. The vessel has commenced underwater search from AM 19 Jun 15 in the most probable area. The ROV of Olympic Canyon is equipped with Echo Sounder and remotely operated under water camera with projector lights which enable it to conduct underwater search besides capturing the video footage of the area.  

Meanwhile, 04 ICG and IN ships are continuing search in the extended area. Aerial search is also being undertaken by CG aircraft.

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