Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Indian Navy's Staff Talks With Russian & Indonesian Navies

Indian Navy-Russian Navy Maiden Staff Talks

Maiden Navy-to-Navy Staff Talks was conducted in St Petersburg from 18–20 May 15. The two member delegation of Indian Navy led by RAdm Dhiren Vig, ACNS(FCI) co-chaired the Staff Talks in addition to NA and DNA, Moscow. The delegation from Russian side was led and co-chaired by RAdm V.I Zemskov, Deputy Chief, Head of Communications.

The IN-RuN staff talks further enhanced co-operation between two Navies and agreed to extend co-operation in the field of Training, Anti piracy operation and joint exercises.

Indian Navy-Indonesian Navy 7th Staff Talks

7TH Navy-to-Navy Staff Talks between Indian Navy and Indonesian Navy were held at New Delhi on 10th Jun 15. The talks were co-chaired by RAdm Dhiren Vig, ACNS(FCI) and First Admiral Didik Wahyadi, Deputy assistant Chief of Naval Staff for operations.

The major issued discussed during the talks included:-

(b) Maiden Bilateral exercise
(c) Cooperation in Hydrography
(d) Cooperation in Training

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