Monday, June 22, 2015

Indian Navy's Seaking Helicopter Rescues Crew Of Drifting MV Jindal Kamakshi

In a major Search & Rescue operation 44 n miles North West of Mumbai harbour, Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (Mumbai) coordinated the recovery of 20 crew members from a general cargo carrier 'MV Jindal Kamakshi' in the wee hours of 22 Jun. The vessel was dangerously listing to left by about 20 degrees as she encountered very rough seas while on passage from Mundra to Kochi. The ship raised distress alarm on the midnight of 21/22 Jun. Immediately on receipt of the distress, MRCC (MB) alerted vessels in vicinity of the area to render assistance. MV Seamac-1 and Samudra Prabha responded to the request and were diverted along with Coast Guard Ship Samrat to render assistance.

While initially, the Master did not seek evacuation of the crew, he requested for the evacuation of the crew on early morning of 22 Jun. Accordingly, for early evacuation of the crew, Indian Navy was requested to deploy a Seaking helicopter. Subsequent rescue operations resulted in evacuation of 20 crew members, 19 crew by Naval helicopter and 01 crew by Coast Guard helicopter. The vessel is presently anchored off Mumbai and unmanned. 

The vessel is having 72 Tonnes of heavy oil and 14 Tonnes of diesel oil onboard. DG Shipping has been requested to mobilize Emergency Towing Vessel (ETV) for rendering assistance. Meanwhile the owner/ master is being advised to take necessary action to prevent escape of oil from the vessel. The situation is being closely monitored for any further development.

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