Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Operation Maitri By Indian Army (Update )

Operation Maitri by Army(Update )

The Indian Army continues to provide aid to affected population and areas in close coordination and cooperation with the Nepal Army.  

 Following stores have been/ are being inducted by the Army :-  

(a)  The Army Aviation Advanced Light Helicopters (ALH)  have conducted 15 sorties in the last two days and evacuated 28 people apart from delivering 8 tons of relief material to inaccessible areas. Today one C17 aircraft with 50 tones of Tarpaulin, Blankets and food is planned to be sent to Kathmandu in coordination with MEA and NDMA.

(b)  The Indian Army Field Hospitals and the medical teams treated 461 patients in the last two days, out of which 13 surgeries were performed.

(c)  The Indian Army ETF which are presently located at Barpak, Basantpur and Jorbat have cleared approximately 560 meters road and another 4 km long foot track along with Nepalese Army on the 04 & 05 May. The ETFs are involved in clearance of collapsed buildings and debris and cleared 400 cubic meter of debris of a four storey building in close cooperation with Nepal authorities.  As of today, the task force at Barpak has cleared all the tracks within the village and in addition along with Nepal Army Engineer troops and locals have established track connectivity between Valuwa and Mandhra localities, which lie at a distance of approximately 8 Km, by manually clearing a path.   The ETF is also providing assistance along with the local population in repairing houses and helped reconstruct five rooftops and two houses in the last two days and have constructed 11 shelters as of date to bring respite to the locals from the anomalies of weather. The local Indian Army Ex Service Men from Barpak have been of immense help to the rescue teams and have wholeheartedly rendered all assistance required.

(d)  Shri Sushil Koirala, the Nepalese Prime Minister along with Gen Gaurav SJB Rana,  Royal Nepalese Army Chief and other dignitaries visited Barpak on 05 May 2015. The visiting dignitaries were briefed by Lt Col Nikhil Sankaran, the Officer Commanding the Indian Army ETF engaged in relief work at Barpak.

(e)   A total of 14,500 blankets and 1,750 tents have been sent to Nepal as of date. 

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