Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Indian Army Offrs Salary -- PCDA(O) Pune , Website Hacked, Data Compromised !!

PCDA(O) Pune website- Principle Controller Defence accounts (Officers), the salary disbursing agency for Indian Army officers, based in Pune, has got hacked , and all data of Indian army officers, their details compromised.

Sources say pointers are towards Pakistan. Salary reached officers a little late this month, and the website is not opening. This has created chaos and confusion inside.

A source said, "Data like bank details,  name, number, unit,  bank details,  addresses, which officer is what unit etc etc, have all been compromised."

But PCDA has not been an organisation without its own share of problems. Other grievances of Indian Army officers against PCDA are as follows:

1. PCDA(O) Pune's functioning is at its lowest ebb at present since its inception. The staff is so oblivious to the Officers concerns that one just cant fathom. 

2. The letters sent from unit are not received even if you have got them delivered at the reception. There is only one reply 'we have not recd it'. 

3. If at all they receive by God's mercy, no action or over delayed action is taken.First n easiest thing to do on receipt of claims is to return them with observations.

4. These observations are like XYZ thing not attached when it is very much there but may be in last few pages which the Clerk has not even bothered to turn over.

5. No one picks up the phone when you want to speak to your account Officer. If at all they pick up they are as confused about a query as the officers themselves.

6. Their web portal is more problematic now (this is before the hacking came to light).

7. The grievances are never replied forget about the action, simple thing as change of DSOP is not even acknowledged.

8. The hard copies of payslips were stopped with our consent and now soft copies have been stopped with no one's consent.

9. Password protection of payslip is no more there.

10. There are differences in arrears of different sections on same account.

11. Every officer has to almost plead for what is authorised to him, which should automatically happen. 

12. Approx 11000 cases for anomaly or revision of pay scales, upgradation etc remain pending at all times, which should be automatically rectified .

13. The staff employed in CDA Vs Army offrs ratio is 1 : 34, which implies that on average each CDA employee handles only 34 offrs in a month! That too in this age of automation. It takes at least 3 to 4 months for fructification of a financial anomaly related to what is authorised to an officer. 

Rather than CDA detecting anomaly, it is left to the officer to point it out and fight for his authorised dues. Ironical!

The aim behind creating such a VAST organisation of CDA was to ensure that each officer gets his due automatically without bothering about his finances so that he concentrates on his profession, which has been lost sight of.

The situation is very pathetic and needs immediate solution and complete overhaul. 


Dr.ChandranPeechulli,Ph.D;MBA;FIE(INDIA) said...

Have all suspicion, and reasons to believe that this is a sabotage deliberately done, as many skeletons will roll from the cupboards of PCDA. Having exposed of Defence Pensionary Scams prevailing in the nation with well planned network.

Anonymous said...

With work-ethics like that of PCDA(O), why do we consider Pakistan and China as our rivals? We have enemies within.

Anonymous said...

The PCDA consider themselves as paymasters of the Army rather than pay dusbursers. They are supposed to maintain records but are always unable to locate details. Pay is fixed arbitrarily and there are many cases of anamoly which despite being pointed out by officers are ignored.
A total white elephant in the country.

Anonymous said...

RM shd have it closed down immediately and throw out the idiotic errant staff...

Unknown said...

Why So dormant action by Min of Fin & RM? I fail to understand that why Nobody takes these Serious Security lapses, Seriously. This security lapse by PCDA(O) should be dealt stringently & all irresponsible staff to be court marshaled/ terminated immediately.

Anonymous said...

Why so Dormant response by Min of Fin & RM on such a serious matter of lapse of security by PCDA. actually, nobody is interested to know the hardships of defense personnel. Had it been happened with any MLA or with bureaucrats, the issue would have flared up by now. We are dealt as first in line of fire but treated as last in queue, when comes to grievances. No wonder why our politicians, may it be any party, sarcasm on us that people in uniform are meant to be killed in line of duty. surprisingly, i have not heard any of them sending their sons/ daughters to join the Defense forces. Hats off to our incompetence. Government should have court marshaled the irresponsible staff of PCDA by now and would have issued summons to them on such a huge matter of security lapse.

Anonymous said...

In this country , nothing is taken seriously.then Mr Modi wants to create miracle .it is surprising that even whatever army officers are authorised are not getting automatically but to forward claim for everything which is never accepted fully.

Anonymous said...

a hopeless organisation

Anonymous said...

I sincerely demand a CBI/SIT investigation as it may be a deliberate attempt to compromise the details of officers to our adversaries and simultaneously lower the morale of Indian army, which is the strongest pillar of our democracy. The role of CDA is suspect and should be put under lense. Are they in support of our army or against???

Anonymous said...

PCDA acts as if they are the masters and defence personnel their employees.Even after explicit Govt orders on a subject PCDA imposes its own terms and conditions unlike other Govt paying authorities, who simply implement Govt orders without hesitation. Its total harassment at their hands with no higher up ready to question their wisdom.God save us from their tyranny.

Sajan said...


General Lee Outrageous said...

What is the appellate authority to complain to if PCDAO does not deliver