Tuesday, March 10, 2015

'Indian Soldiers Etched Their Name In World History Through Their Bravery & Valour,' - President Of India

Indian soldiers etched their name in world history through their bravery and valour, says the President 

The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated a Commemorative Exhibition on the theme “India and World War-I” in New Delhi today (10 March, 2015). He also released First Day Cover on the occasion.
Speaking on the occasion the President said, Indian soldiers etched their name in world history through their bravery and valour. They carved a niche for themselves by their outstanding loyalty, courage and selfless service and played a significant role in influencing the outcome of the World War I. Allied Forces were in a position to sign an armistice because of the support of the Indian soldiers.

The President said, Indian soldiers not only won the pickets and trenches but also the hearts of the local population. The humble upbringing of these soldiers in their villages, the teachings of the Ramayana andMahabharata, infused in the Indian soldier’s conscience a strong set of values – the value of being ‘just’ in their dealings with those whom they have vanquished and of ‘resolute stance’ against the adversary when under siege. These values made them a formidable fighting force.

The President said numerous battles of World War I highlight the perseverance of the Indian soldiers where along with British battalions, they stoically withstood the fierce attacks of their adversaries. Indian soldiers were decorated with 11 Victoria Crosses, 5 Military Crosses and numerous other awards for their fine soldierly attributes.

The President said, the centenary of the First World War is an important landmark in world history. This occasion reminds the world community of the immense loss of life and material that the world had to endure in pursuit of global peace and stability. Indian soldiers played an important role in the various theatres of the War. Our men made sacrifices with a sense of pride and righteousness which needs to be recognized and celebrated. The professionalism which our armed forces display today is a continuation of what was so bravely exhibited by the Indian soldiers in the First World War.
The President said, a hundred years ago, the youth of many a nation was wasted on account of human greed and misguided notions. Today, conflicts arising out of pernicious designs of some terror outfits are claiming thousands of valuable lives in many parts of the world.  But the armed forces of our nation are capable of meeting all challenges and threats to our national integrity and contribute to world peace and security.

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