Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Indian Coast Guard Puts Out A Clarification To The Pak Boat Incident Media Reports, Showcause Notice To Officer

This has reference to the headline news published in The Indian Express dated 18 Feb 15 and subsequent audio video reports in electronic media on the statement during his speech by DIG BK Loshali during launching ceremony of Coast Guard Interceptor Boat C-421 on 16 Feb 15 at Surat, Indian Coast Guard clarifies that the service stands by its earlier reports and media briefs on the subject and there is no discrepancy from the earlier stated facts of the case. 

It is reiterated that the said operation for tracking and intercepting the suspect boat was conducted professionally and as per the laid down Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The ICG ship, which intercepted the boat as per existing SOP issued warning to the boat on loud hailer and VHF and also fired warning shots across the bows (well ahead of the boat) compelling the boat to stop. Four persons were seen on the boat, who disregarded these repeated warnings to surrender for investigations. Later, the boat was found to be listed to port side and an explosion with fire was observed. These facts of the case have also been corroborated through intelligence reports and operational details obtained from the ICG units involved in this operation.

The video released by media on the officer’s statement and rejoinder issued by the officer, stating that the Officer does not subscribe to the text of the report and that he was not spearheading the Operation is being investigated. Presently a show cause notice has been served on the officer for the serious misconduct on his part as evident from the media reports.

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