Friday, February 20, 2015

China Reacts To PM Modi's Arunachal Visit For Its Statehood Day Celebrations

Following is the statement by the Chinese Foreign Ministry

"China holds a consistent and clear stance on the China-India boundary question. It is a fact known to all that there are substantial disputes over the eastern part of the China-India boundary. The Chinese government has never recognized the "Arunachal Pradesh". The Chinese side is opposed to Indian leaders' activities in the disputed area, and has lodged solemn representations with the Indian side. What the Indian side has done runs counter to the efforts by the two sides to properly resolve and manage disputes and the overall interests of bilateral relations. We urge the Indian side to take China's solemn concerns seriously, meet the Chinese side halfway and commit itself to fairly and properly resolving the bilateral boundary question through negotiation. Pending the settlement of the boundary question, the Indian side should avoid making any move that complicates the boundary question and maintain the good momentum of bilateral ties."

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