Thursday, February 5, 2015



The nation recently celebrated its 66th Republic Day with the three services providing an all women contingent each on Rajpath. The media and the press were hyper about this all women contingent. But am in doubt whether this all women contingent provided by the services is a glory or shame? Here are my reasons.

The army, navy and the air force do not have women combatants in their ranks. It is only officers / offr cadets. An offr does not march in a rank & file. His / her rank and file marching finishes when he / she is through with Antim Pug in the academy. There after he / she only leads with a sword/ without one. But making our lady offrs and cadets march like a soldier and a constable is a ignominy to the military service.

It was shameful to see Lieutenants and Captains carrying rifles and marching on Rajpath.

In the guard of honour provided to the President Obama two lady officers have been placed as pilots ( luckily they did not march) with white cross web eqpt worn . This cross is always worn by CMP jawans or by regtl police. This way the govt humiliated the military uniform which we all revere as the most pious

Now come to the hoisting of the National Flag. Till last year a CMP jawan used to do this and this year a lady offr was made to hoist the flag. I reserve my comment on this.

We have started this now and it will continue every year till another Manekshaw / Joshi command this army. We all get together and always cry that IAS is placing us in shame. Now kindly tell me who has placed us in this ignominy and diabolical shame?

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