Monday, October 20, 2014

Air Chief Arup Raha Visits Japan

The  Chief  of  Air  Staff,  Air  Chief Marshal  Arup  Raha  leaves  on  a four  day  visit to Japan  on  October  21,  2014  to  participate  in  the  60th Japanese Air Self-Defence Force(JASDF).

During  the  visit  the  Chief  of  Air  Staff,  Air  Chief  Marshal  Arup  Raha  would  meet Prime Minister  Mr  Shinzo  Abe,  Defence  Minister  Mr  Akinori  Eto,  Gen  Harukazu  Saitoh, 

Chief of Staff,  JASDF.   During the Symposium in  Japan the Chief of Air Staff would be interacting with  the  Air  Chiefs  of  Australia,  Indonesia,    Vietnam,  United  Kingdom  and Commander PACAF  of  USA.    The  discussions  would  be  on  ‘Future  of  Air  Power  and Science  & Technology’    and  Tasks  of  Future  Air  Force  for  Stabilisation  of  Asia  Pacific Region’.  The Chief would visit the Hyakuri Air Base for an Air review and would visit the defence equipment display.

This  visit assumes  great  significance in  view of the  recent  visit by Prime Minister Modi  to  Japan.    India  is  looking  forward  to  upgrade  and  strengthen  the  strategic partnership  between  the  two  countries  and  contributing  towards  international  peace keeping and peace building.  

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