Friday, June 20, 2014

Southern Naval Command To Celebrate World Hydrographic Day

21st of June is celebrated as World Hydrographic day each year under the aegis of the World Hydrographic Organisation (WHO) of which is India is also a member. The theme this year is ‘Hydrography- Much more than just Nautical Charts’. 

The profession is very vital for the maritime infrastructure and thereby the economy of our country. This is a very important national responsibility carried out by the silent service of hydrography.This National responsibility is shouldered by the Indian navy and discharged by its hydrographic department. Southern Naval Command has a sizeable component of the surveying capability of the Indian Navy comprising 03 survey ships and shore based survey unit. These units are doing a yeoman’s service to the nation through the dedicated efforts and thorough professionalism. 

The Hydrographic ships of the Indian Navy also spearhead the Naval diplomacy in the Indian Ocean region fostering bilateral relations with our neighbours across the seas by way of providing hydrographic assistants to these nations. Apart from the extensive survey related tasking of SNC ships, INS Jamuna recently undertook important survey missions in Kenya and Tanzania. This work of SNC Ships has boosted co-operation with host countries and spurred diplomatic activities as well as defence interoperability.

As part of the world hydrographic day this year, the Southern Naval Command is organizing a presentation on the importance of hydrography and the role of National Hydrographic Organization on 25th visits of students from CUSAT, NCC and Navy Children School to the survey ships INS Jamuna, INS Sutlej and INS Survekshak on World Hydrographic Day to enhance awareness amongst the young minds.

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