Monday, May 19, 2014

The Modi Phenomenon !! The How, Why & What Of It

I rarely deviate from defence issues on Chindits, this is one I couldn't help writing about, from whatever little knowledge I have about politics. I dont know much about politics, but I guess General Elections-2014 in India for 16th Lok Sabha, has made each of us a little bit of a politician, taught us some amount of politics and united the country in electing its leader.

The man above-Narendra Damodardas Modi, became the Prime Minister of this country, the day he was named the PM candidate of the BJP, by his Party, some time in September 2013, in Goa. I remember, it was raining that day. There was a face to leadership, right there in front and people knew who, what to vote for !! I think times have moved ahead, and with so many first time youth voters, now the time has come to have US Presidential-Style elections, where the contesting Party would have a face, for whom voters would vote and thats what Modi cashed in on, and emerged victorious. Every young voter wants to know, who will be PM of the Party he's voting for.

We are used to beng led, and here was a Party providing us leadership, even before the elections. We may be superb individually, but we need a leader. And thats what worked for Modi..

I realy dont know what happened in 2002 in Godhra, but the man has shown tremendous statemanship--- in first getting his name cleared from the 2002 massacre, got himself named by the Party after crushing any dissent from within, got acceptance for himself inside the nation through his massive campaign, beginning with social media, and transcended borders, even before the results were out there were feelers from all across the world that he was acceptable !! Not once was he reluctant, wanted to be PM, and worked hard towards it, to make it happen. Not once did he use any polarised language during his rallies, was careful in addressing and reaching out to the minorities. Everything worked for him, including the negative campaign run by his adversaries also went in his favour. 

Even astrologers predicted that he has the makings of a PM. Without actual campaigning in his own constituencies, he won hands-down in both, with ease!!

My reading tells me that people in different places voted for different reasons. In eastern UP I heard people saying-- 'Dabangg neta hai' , pointing clearly that they wanted a strong leader, in western UP the requirement was -- 'If Modi can give Gujratis 24 hrs electricity, we just want 18 hrs uninterrupted, we 'll be happy',  my military friends told me that they were very happy with a strong leader, as he would act like a deterrent for a hostile neighbourhood. Some people told me that they voted for Modi, as there was no other option, they were left with no choice. There's no doubt that he's a strong leader, reminds me of Indira Gandhi. 

The votes came only because of him, as I remember the 2004 election also, where Advani was leading from the front and his tag-line was -- 'India Shining...Feel Good Factor' ...Advani led the campaign and BJP lost miserably. Dont know who was Advani's campaign manager and advisor. Advani got inside an air-conditioned deluxe 'Rath' and travelled the entire country but couldnt garner votes. Maybe Modi was intelligent to learn from Advani's mistakes, and was careful to avoid them.

Lets all get ready for change and for Modi's moment of triumph and glory, which is here and now !! I wish him well.

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