Tuesday, May 13, 2014

DRDO Chief Inaugurates "RTRS Penta Rail Supersonic Track" At TBRL

Rail Track Rocket Sled (RTRS) Penta Rail Supersonic Track a national test facility was today inaugurated by Shri Avinash Chander, SA to RM, Secretary Department of Defence R&D and DG DRDO. “India is among a handful of countries in the world now possessing this unique test facility. This four kilometer long RTRS Penta track will be extremely useful for the testing of wide range of critical systems such as payload for manned missions of ISRO, the navigation system for missiles and aircrafts, proximity fuses for advanced warheads, fuses for armament systems parachutes for payload delivery, arrester systems for aircraft such as LCA”, stated Sh Avinash chander while inaugurated this National Test Facility, in presence of Dr SS Sundaram, DG(ECS), Dr Satish Kumar, Chief Controller (TM), Shri Ajay Singh, Chief Executive (CW&E), Sh M Balakrishnan and Sh V S Sethi , both former directors of TBRL and officers & staff of TBRL. Later, in his national technology Day address, he stated “I am glad that today we have added another key facility in TBRL. He also witnessed the demonstration of several newer advanced warheads”. Lauding the efforts of TBRL scientists in developing key technologies that are strategically important for the security of the nation, he said, that the observance of National Technology Day began with the technologies in which TBRL has played a key role. He also inaugurated the new building of Ballistics Vidyalaya, Ramgargh, a school run by DRDO Educational Society and the “Sampooran Singh Officers Transit Facility", within the premises of TBRL residential area at Ramgarh.

Describing the RTRS facility, Dr Manjit Singh Outstanding Scientist & Director TBRL said, “the facility consists of five rails, each having a length of 4 km, on which a test article can be propelled at supersonic speed with the help of specially designed rockets.  The track built for this purpose is precision aligned and capable of withstanding high level of loads.  The capability so acquired will accelerate the pace of development of defence and aerospace technologies and products”.

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