Monday, April 7, 2014

Indian Naval Commanders Conference Postponed Due To Non-Announcement Of Chief Of Naval Staff

The Indian Navy is without a Chief of Naval Staff (CNS). Since Feb 26, 2014, there's just been an acting CNS (Vice Adm Robin Dhowan). No one knew it would take so long for the Govt to announce the new person. The first casualty is the Commanders conference, which was to take place, but it has been postponed as the Navy is headless. Till the service gets a new Chief, the Commanders conference wont take place, said a senior naval officer. Formations have got it in writing.

This commanders conference takes place twice a year, where the commanders, PSOs, senior brass, gets together to deliberate on matters of operations, administrative, promotions, policies etc. 

This means naval promotion boards also on hold. 

Indian Air Force commanders conference took pace on 2-3 Apr and Army commanders conference is due on Apr 22-24.

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