Sunday, March 30, 2014

How & Why The Indian Naval PRO At MoD Was Eased Out

The man in the photograph above is Capt PVS Satish, till recently the Public Relations Officer (PRO) representing the Indian Navy at the Ministry of Defence, South Block, New Delhi. 

He was sent to the ex-servicemen department of the Indian Navy recently. He was as it is on his way out, but what makes news is his unceremonious exit from South Block. 

On Dec 3rd, 2013 was the former Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), Adm D K Joshi's annual press conference at Naval mess Kota House, a day before the Navy Day. It was the CNS's instructions that a particular channel-and particularly a reporter from that channel , should not be invited for the same. Probably the reporter had done some story about those accidents and CNS didnt want any trouble makers at the presser, is what I've been told by sources.

In the first-actual invitation by mail, Capt Satish managed to keep this reporter out, but a reminder is always sent later to the same invitees, usually a day before the event.  In the reminder, its by mistake , that this reporter was included and the mails went out, only after which Satish realised the damage done.

Satish walked into the CNS's office, the same day, and told Adm Joshi what happened and apologised for the same.

Apparently the Admiral flew into a fit of rage at the carelessness shown by the PRO, and immediately ordered him out, giving him two months of notice. Little did the Admiral know that he himself too would be leaving around the same time, for different reasons.

So many of us who believe that Satish's exit has to do with CNS's resignation, is actually not true. He was shown the door much before (in the first week of Dec-2013 itself, for displeasing his Chief through his carelessness). Otherwise Satish has been a nice officer and a person, I wish him luck.

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