Thursday, February 6, 2014

OFB 155 MM/45 Cal Gun Unveils, Its Called Dhanush, and Not Hanush, Winter Trials Next Week

Pics : Suman Sharma

The 6th prototype is ready, was shown at Defexpo-2014 today. Winter trials in Sikkim next week and summer trials in Pokharan in May/June. Its an Army-OFB initiative.

Technical specs are as follows:

Length of barrel -- 6975 mm
Weight of finish barrel -- 1890 kg
Weight of ordnance complete -- 3020 kg
Chamber capacity -- 23 litres
Max range -- 38000 meters
Muzzle velocity -- 885 m/s
Type of ammunition used  -- HEER, M107, FH77B, ERFB BB, ILLG, SMK, Incremental charge bag.
Muzzle Brake -- Modified double baffle muzzle brake
Gun recording and laying -- INS based auto laying.

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Anonymous said...

Shakespeare once said- 'Whats in a name'. As long as it delivers we have no issue with the name.