Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Navy Chief Adm D K Joshi Resigns Taking Moral Responsibility For Accidents, Govt accepts, Vice Chief Takes Over, Line Of Succession Altered

Chief of Naval Staff Adm D K Joshi has resigned taking moral resposnibility for 12 accidents in a year, Govt has accepted, Vice Chief V Adm Robin Dhowan takes over as CNS.

Well donr showed you had more balls than Admiral Arun Prakash.

Now this changes the entire line of succession...

If DK Joshi had retired on time, after completion of his full tenure, then after him V Adm Satish Soni would've become Chief, followed by V Adm Girish Luthra and after him V Adm Ajith Kumar.

But now snce V Adm Robin Dhowan is the new Chief, this alters the line completely. Will have to wait and watch, and work out the new line.

This is unprecedented, has never happened before that a serving chief resigns. Ministry of Defence also should've taken equal responsibility--which includes Defence Minister and Defence Secretary.

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