Thursday, February 6, 2014

MBDA's 'MMP' Anti-Tank Missile Debuts

France is already in talks with the Indian govt for the MMP-which it calls a generation ahead anti-tank missile. MMP is a light weight, portable missile with a 4 km range.Fully digitised, has a 2-stage main propulsion system.

The one ordered by the French army will be different from the one on offer to India. MBDA's Mati Hindrekus told Chindits that the Indian programme is more of a joint venture/co-production, where the missile will be made as per the Indian requirements.

This fully digitised missile is NCW compatible. The MMP will replace the Milan, which is already in use in the Indian Army. It has 3-operating modes : 1. fire and forget, 2. man over the loop, 3. lock-on after launch.

Has a weight of 15 kg, length of 1.3 m, 140 mm diameter, and a range of 4 kms.

Pic : Suman Sharma

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