Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Meet The 'Poster Boy' Of The Indian Navy, Keeps A Change Of Dress In Office, Even Said To Touch-Up Make-Up Before Presentations !!

He is Vice Admiral Robin Dhowan, ViceChief of Naval Staff, is called the 'poster boy' of the Indian Navy, for his 'soft' , 'chocolaty' , 'feminine' looks. Apparently he keeps a change of dress in his office, and also touches-up his make-up before presentations to be given in headquarters. 

He took over as Chief of Naval Staff today, afer the unceremonious exit of his predecessor- Adm DK Joshi.


saffronbandit said...

As a regular civilian reader of your blog , I was dismayed to read this piece of yellow journalism .

Its not Adm Dhowans fault if God and his parents endowed him with good looks.

So what if Adm Dhowan pays more than average attention to his satorial turnout - look at the result - Forget the Navy,today he would be one of the fittest and most smartly turned out amongst all the General/Flag/Air Officers in the Indian Defence Forces.He is in the Armed Forces -its his job to look fit and smartly turned out. You guys in the media complain about the large waistlines amongst senior officers -here is a guy who looks every inch an Admiral -will you in the press never be satisfied?

What proof do you have that Adm Dhowan uses makeup before a presentation ? And in this age of video conferencing Naval Commanders meetings with Saint Antony,even if Adm Dhowan did use makeup so what ? Dont you guys also makeup before you go in front of the tv cameras?

I would request you not to let your blog be used by vested interests to carry stories such as these. Indeed an apology to Adm Dhowan from you on your blog would go a long way in underscoring your reputation as a professional defence writer.

Anonymous said...

Well i guess he's the new Metrosexual-in-chief.