Thursday, February 6, 2014

92% Budget Utilised, Only 8% Left, - No Money Left To Buy Anything In This Financial Year, Antony Tells Sellers

Lack-lustre Defexpo-2014 (8th edition) started today with an equally lack-lustre press conference by the Defence Minister. Less participation by arms companies, slight showers in the morning, etc all adding up to the failure of the show, on day one.

The Minister looked tired, unwell, with bags under eyes, as if the entire burden of ensuring Congress' victory in the coming elections was on Saint Antony's shoulders !!!

On MMRCA delay: 

-- In between there have been complaints about life-cycle costs, which are not yet settled, we are trying to put everything in place, before MMRCA can come up to CCS. The process is on, procurement will take place as per the procedure, we dont want to take shortcuts. 92% of the budget has been spent till December 31, 2013, only 8% left and we have 2 months left.

VVIP Agusta :

-- We are a democracy following the rule of the law. There are two inquiries on. Italy too is carrying out investigation. Unless the CBI inquiry is completed, a final decision cant take shape. CBI inquiry is in advanced stage. We will find alternatives.

Who had thought at the time of procurement, that there would be such malpractices-- sorry Sir I dont agree here 

Naval accidents : 

-- They are a matter of concern. Navy is modernising and there is a speedy induction of equipment, so there are logistical problems, but I dont agree that , that gives the Navy the liberty to be careless.Inquiry is on and corrective measures will be taken. Navy has been told to strictly follow SOPs. About who should head inquires, there is no political or bureaucratic interference, Navy is taking care of all that, I am they can do it and are doing it.  

Compared to the civilian society, the military takes immediate action against the guilty, whatever be the case.

Integrity Pact :

--- If product is good and prices are low, there's no need for lobbying. Guilty will be punished. No one will be spared, there will be total transparency.

I left the defence minister's presser mid-way as it gave me a horrible headache.

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Anonymous said...

irresponsible comment from an responsible minister. The foreign guests were laughing talking about a bankrupt nation dreaming to become a super power.