Friday, January 31, 2014

'To Restart The ULH M-777 Production Line Would Cost India More'

The ULH M-777 held up now for sometime, would cost a little more if the production line has to be restarted, Alan Garwood, Group Business Development Director, told Chindits recently at a BAE cocktails.

As of no movement on the deal, but BAE is hopeful. Watch this gun out at Defexpo-2014, along with other BAE stuff at Hall-9, Pragati Maidan.


Anonymous said...

Antony is as spineless as they come. He is just waiting for his tenure to be over and killing the forces in the process.

rajsking said...

Heard that price has been increased by more than 40% in one year - on the same account.

I think that instead of paying such exorbitant amount - India should instead buy the line itself. USA will also benefit in this deal by way of assured supply of spares.