Thursday, December 5, 2013

International Conference On Contribution Of Science & Technology In Progress Of The World

 International Conference on Contribution of Science and Technology in Progress of the World

“While the world has progressed at a rapid pace due to developments in science & technology, the people in the third world are still deprived of its benefits. The developments of science have not yet reached every person in the world and a lot needs to be done in this area”, said Shri Avinash Chander, Secretary, Department of Defence R&D and Scientific Advisor to Defence Minister. He was presiding over the inaugural function of the International Conference on “Contribution of Science and Technology in Progress of the World” at Bhagvantam Auditorium, Metcalfe House today. He stated that the topic is very timely and will an opportunity to look at the work done by our great scientists and philosophers. The scientists, with their creative foresight have made great contributions in making the world in which we live today. 

Highlighting the contributions made by great Indian scientists in the field of astronomy, mathematics and medical science, he stated that all that work was reported in Sanskrit or Hindi.“The scientific literature in Hindi is scarce and I hope that this conference will lead to such literature which will help in removing this scarcity. Having 604 research papers and articles for this conference is a record in itself.” Further quoting India’s former Prime Minister Late Sh. P.V Narsimha Rao’s book,    he stated that no country could have original development in science & technology using a foreign language neither can it establish its own identity in the field. Thus in order to take fruits of science & technology to the common people, it is important that scientific literature is made available in Hindi.

The Conference was inaugurated by Shri Arun Kumar Jain, Secretary, Department of Official Languages, Ministry of Home Affairs. Shri Jain emphasizing the importance of simplification of Hindi language in all spheres, stated that the huge participation in this conference is befitting reply to those pessimists according to whom the studies on scientific topics can only be done through the medium of English. The real issue is not the suitability of Hindi as a medium but the required attention for generating sufficient scientific literature, so that there are no obstacles in way of education in the areas of science and research. He brought out the work being done in all Ministries and Departments on the recommendations of the Rajbhasha implementation committee such as development of glossaries for both administrative and technical terms; publication of books, reference manuals on scientific subjects in Hindi. He expressed hope that these measures and the efforts made by organizations like DRDO, will provide a strong foundation for development of Hindi for scientific research and help in achieving the national goals. He also emphasized the need for coordination among all the concerned departments for effective implementation. He also released the eleven volume compilation of the papers being presented at the conference.

Earlier, Dr G Malakondiah, Distinguished Scientist and Chief Controller (Human Resource & Technology Management) in his address stated that this is the first time that DRDO has organized an international conference in Hindi on such a large scale with more than 60 foreign delegates and also that such an important topic. He said the conference and the concurrently held exhibition of products of DRDO as well as other scientific organizations such as ISRO, DAE, arranged is the result of hard work by all concerned.

In his welcome address Shri SK Jindal, Director, DESIDOC, gave an overview of the conference. He said there was overwhelming response for the call of papers and the shortlisted ones will be presented in 36 sessions including poster presentations. Shri Susheel Sharma, Director, Rajbhasha, DRDO HQrs, presenting the Vote of Thanks informed the gathering that the conference had set a record, by having the largest participation in terms of delegates as well as number of papers in an international conference in Hindi.

The function was attended by eminent scientists, Directors and scientists from DRDO Hqrs and Laboratories apart from delegates.


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