Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What Happened In Samba- 16 Cav, On 26th September Morning

"Morning Sept 26, 2013 : One sentry at the Officers Mess gate had gone to get breakfast. Sudden firing began and the other one (present there), got shot point blank on the head.

The regiment had BPET that day, after which officers had come to the Mess. After hearing the gunfire, the 2-I-C (Lt Col Bikramjeet Singh), came out, unarmed, got hit in the abdominal region and collapsed.

The terrorists entered the Mess building, went to the top floor. One army chap latched his door from inside, the terrorists lobbed a grenade, and the army chap inside the latched room got injured.He was later evacuated Satwari MH. When the CO came out, the terrorists were on the first floor, they fired from there, CO was hit in the arm. One grenade was kept downstairs, which went off, while being diffused, injuring about  nine people.

About 8-10 guys did a atsnad-off at a post in Keren, while the post handling them, 35-40 guys just barged in through the fence, to infiltrate. 12 killed, rest being hunted, bodies not recovered. This is a new form of infiltration, called desperate infiltration.

Truck driver was told to go to army school. He said he didnt know the location. 16 Cav was just by chance, as truck driver said he didnt know the location of the school."

As told by an armoured corps officer, who was witness.

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