Monday, October 7, 2013

Chindits Visits Defence Minister In Hospital..Doing Fine... To Be Discharged Soon

Just visited Defence Minister AK Antony in Delhi-based Army's Research & Referral hospital, where the minister has been admitted for the past 3 weeks, and where he recently underwent his prostate surgery--same place and same surgery, which my father also underwent, three months before he died. It gave me a sense of deja vu, visiting the same ward area.

First thing I checked was the visitors register, where there were no names of anyone from MoD or of the so called defence-journalist brigade, who otherwise hobnob with the Minister --What a shame !!

Anyway, the Minister personally came out of his room to meet me, dressed in his trademark white shirt and lungi, looked extremely weak and frail. He's to be discharged soon, hopefully tomorrow-- IAF Day.. I wished him a speedy recovery and left.

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