Friday, February 15, 2013

MoD Begins Process of Cancellation of AgustaWestland Helicopter Contract

The Ministry of Defence has initiated action for cancellation of contract for procurement of 12 AW101 helicopters for the use of VVIPs.

MoD today issued a formal show cause notice to the AgustaWestland of UK seeking cancellation of contract and taking other actions as per the terms of the contract and the Integrity Pact.

MoD had already put on hold further payments to the company on Wednesday.  With today’s show cause notice, the operation of the contract has been put on hold.  The company has been asked to reply to the notice in seven days.

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rustom said...

Some one has studied the Indian psyche and the Indian media well. The media in most likely hood took the bait, hook, line and sinker . Knowing fuly well the Indian media, going head on to bring out the story, knowing that the opposition would go full out and in the Indian circus, thru their bought over MOD officials ( in any case against the army on OROP ISSUE,hinderance to armed forces armament need)) defense deals will be put to stop.

Has any one Wondered who is going to benefit from the peak of the table are those who are at an advantage with the balance of power vis a vis present situation of armament of Indian, Pakistan and Chinese armed forces...and want India to be at a position to let her be dictated or bend in the coming future when US leaves Afghanistan....or wants India back at a stage of the 80's where tackling china and pakistan was not seen a difficult task whilst conducting ops in srilanka and maldives.

After all at that time India armed forces were capable of handling mc mahon line scenarios whilst effectively dealing with Pak. Maybe we would not be in a precarious situation today vis a vis terrorist organization and yapping peace with Pakistan if India had continued down the road of updating her military.
India in the 80s had placed as herself as a giant of the region...India also didnt need to go over with a begging bowl to the U.S crying over terrorist attacks on her soil but could easily threathen off the attacks by her own might.

The G5 also were not very happy as it lowered NATO or its other form's role in srilanka, maldives and the string of pearls ...( to get a foot hold in each part of the world has always been a historical truth and want) ..

Then..... Bofors scandal was raked up by vp singh when India could dictate terms in Asia and was mighty enough to call china and pakistan a "rat" due to their sniping at India's tails....he became the PM,babri n madal issues were fueled, both which were forgotten by youth and india burns on 2 fronts till date. idiots becoming boss's due to sc/sct, brain drain, industry down and religious divide furthered and no updating armament for decades to to the ghost of Bofors.

Italian politics, mafia and scandals have if not surpassed India are at par. We with a knee jerk reaction will put a hold to updating our armament, infight, create task forces, waste money and when US leaves afghanistan and Pak is at its peak, and China thru its forces inside India and inside Indias politics will be able to sandwich India....already the trailer is on. We thus go back with a begging bowl for help..whilst yapping IAS has left India at that juncture.

its funny or ironic actually that no IAS BABU or politician name has cropped up in these reports...that itself makes it fishy.....and im sure the babu who wants to deny the armed forces its OROP, or any opposition frm the army with regards to AFSPA or the armed forces not being bullied by HAL/DRDO emotional atyachaar or indegenissation and thus no procurement or update of the inventory by contradicting the MoD, this whole game smells of something more murkier.

India has to realize that terrorist attacks on India is a reality as some benefits economically thru terrorist activities, whilst it also coincides with pakistan hate towards india , whilst for others this imbalance gives them a foothold in the region, strategically and militarily..opening doors to them when India goes in with the begging bowl and crying- foul...since she cant defend herself..

In any case the biggest lessons go to the Chief's, if you pussy foot or become a yes man to the babu and political class thinking you are making it easier for your self.....think again, they will hang you first and ONLY YOU at the first smell of a scam, or in fact a no scam but a situation created .

The IAS Babu works behind the scenes and has always gone scot free, no limelight , no names...
Its time India starts scrutinizing its own Administration staff who are more susceptible to under hand deals than the armed forces chiefs