Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mute PM Finally Speaks On Mendhar LC Killings !!

On Army Day, at Army Chief's house, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh broke his silence and gave a tough message to Pakistan that it cannot be business as usual in the aftermath of the beheading of an Indian soldier on the line of control last week.

He emphasised that those responsible for the "barbaric act" of beheading of Lance Naik Hemraj will have to be brought to book and hoped "Pakistan realises this".

"After this barbaric act there cannot be business as usual (with Pakistan)," the PM said.



rustom said...

I think even indians laugh out at statements like "those responsible for the "barbaric act" of beheading of Lance Naik Hemraj will have to be brought to book and hoped ".....it also makes Indians easily disntiguish between read out lines something the Indian MEA, MOD and defense analyst accuse pakistan of.

After all when did the conspirors of Mumbai train blasts, mumbai gun attack, parliament attack, kargil war, those that got beheaded earlier and the MEA and MoD sought to keep it under wraps were brought to justice or pakistan got a reply...?

The general playing to the MoD gallaery and the politician is only weakening the positon of the chair that chaired Carriappa, Maneckshaw and sunderjee.

I guess Like pakistan has fooled itself and its people into hating India, Indian generals have succumbed to the IAS and politicians to fool themselves and her people that yapping speaks louder than actions...

Go fool some one else Prime minister...for if it was true, you would have acted looong time ago

SCB said...

If we start doing Tit for Tat then what will be the difference between us and neighboring country. They have a military with no principles and values. India can never stoop to that level. Unfortunate things happen and it was media which hyped the issue to such an extant.

Carippa, Manekshaw and Sunderjee had no say with the governments decision. It is not the generals decision to say when or if the army will hit back. It is the governments decision. If army start taking these decisions then God save us.

To a lot extant terrorism has subsided in Kashmir and from what I know there are efforts for both sides to curb these. There are people or even groups in pakistan army who are against it and being a not at all professional army they send groups to disrupt the peace prevailing.