Thursday, January 10, 2013

Insensitive National Security Advisor Shrugs Off LoC Incident,Discusses In Detail Terrorism In Syria But Ducks Questions On Pak, Says Look At Over-all Game, Not Stand Alone Incidents, Reacts Rudely !!

NSA Shiv Shankar Menon just held a briefing on BRICS NSAs, but obviously we all had the LoC incident in mind and why not, afterall he's the NSA. Firstly Mr Menon dodged all questions on Pak, later said its unfortunate, though not happened for the first time and he hopes it wouldn't happen again.

Sir, if it has happened before also, and then now, what makes you sure it wont happen again?

Menon spoke in detail about how BRICS NSAs discussed in detail cyber crime, plus Syrian terrorism, but when someone asked him about Pak terrorism on Indian soil, and if there was a shift in policy in Indian CBMs on LoC ceasfire, he said "Dont put words into my mouth, if you want to make a statement, come in my chair and do it."

Categorically denied discussing it with BRICS leaders. Shame !!


Anonymous said...

After the Indian embassy bombing in Kabul this idiot was sent to 'assess' the security situation and give any recommendations to protect our personnel over there. He comes back and says in order to protect everyone we need to close down our mission and our developmental projects and bring everyone back which virtually means we abandon the years we have spent in developing relations with the Afghans and the billions we've spent and hand Af to Pak on a platter.
The man is just like his father, a uniform hating bureaucratic asswipe who probably spends his morning time bending over for the PM.
You don't get ppl like Mishra or Narayan anymore.....Oh well!!!

Anonymous said...

Send some of our men to lop-off the heads of 2 Paki officers. Maybe even send a squad to lop-off the head of Hafiz Saeed. That should be the response of this chair-warmer NSA idiot. I don't know why Congress doesn't learn from its mistakes.

rustom said...

Why be surprised....the IAS has failed in every segment. These are text books jerks who have no experience in their own fields except fooling themselves of their importance.

The idiot has thrown out the most crucial part of a countries security and a thumb rule that EVERY nation follows.....and that is....never pass on a message that the nation's soldiers are guinea pigs to be slaughtered whilst jerks like menon jerks off at his own impotence vis a vis wisdom

Probably this menon is following the footsteps of Krishna Menon who again only maddaged his ego and led the nation to its humilation vis a vis 1952 China....One wished we had another Carriapa or Manecksha to drive n an iota of sense in these menons