Thursday, January 10, 2013

Def Min Antony To Inaugurate IAF Married Accommodation Project (MAP)PH-II On Jan 11th

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Indian Air Force Married Accommodation Project (MAP) Phase-ll at Vayu Sena Vatika, Gurgaon is a modern complex is ready to move-in that would house 593 Air Warriors and their families including 131 Warranted Ranks.

It is a major milestone towards elevating the living standards of the Defence Personnel. MAP Projects are an initiative towards providing adequate and better housing for defence personnel across the country. It is a significant achievement that the current project at Vayu Sena Vatika has been completed in record time. The first slab of the project was cast on 11 Jan 2011 exactly two years ago from the day of its inauguration.

The modern design and enhanced features of the project would provide the residents with improved comfort and utility. The residential colony, named as 'TEJAS' Complex, boasts of many new features like - 100% Rain Water Harvesting, Solar Water Heating, use of Recycled water for Arboriculture and energy efficient lighting.

The residential complex that has been designed by the architectural firm Premnath & Associates has large open spaces for use as playgrounds and parks. The thermal insulation of the buildings with glass fagade makes them more comfortable for living during extreme summers as well as cold weather, apart from enhancing the overall appearance of the residential complex.

On the occasion of inauguration a sample flat would be made ready for preview by the visitors. Besides offering more modern living space, the dwelling units would end the woes of a majority of Air Warriors who had to hunt for rental accommodation, frequently shift and live in marginal conditions at dispersed locations in the city so far. On the other hand, it would bring far more improved administrative services to the residents at their doorstep with enhance security. It would improve the conditions for the families and children who would receive the benefit of community living in a camp area, thus boosting the morale of the Air Warriors.

The MAP Apex Steering Committee is headed by the Defence Secretary and Directorate General of MAP implements the housing projects all over the country. The MAP Project Monitoring Team (PMT) for NCR is headed by AOC AF Station New Delhi and oversees the construction of 1487 houses at eight different locations. The project with an estimated cost of Rs 426.12 Crores has been completed with no escalation. Such timely completion of capital projects without cost over-runs showcases the ability of the administration to deliver milestones that are true signposts of our progress and prowess. For the Indian Air Force, it is yet another step towards its motto 'People First Mission Always'.

The Married Accommodation Project Phase II will be formally inaugurated by the Defence Minister Shri AK Antony on 11 Jan 2013 at Gurgaon.


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