Saturday, December 29, 2012

Health Ministry To Visit R&R Next Month To Inspect For Intestinal Transplant Facility, Clearance To Follow Only After That

DG armed forces medical services (DGAFMS) Air Marshal DP Joshi said that the Government never asked the armed forces for help in the gangrape victim case, adding that intestinal transplant was not a difficult thing, but, "WE at present do not have these facilities here in India."

Delhi-based Research and Referral (R&R) hospital has proposed to the Health Ministry, the setting up of an intestinal transplant centre at R&R, for which the Health Ministry team will visit the hospital in January 2013 to see 3 things--Infrastructure, human reasources and handling of complications, after which the Committee will give its clearance for the facility to be set-up.

Director General Medical Services (Navy) Vice Admiral A C Anand had first written a paper on intestinal transplant and is said to have done the basic ground-work. He said first the infection is to be controlled, only after which the transplant can be thought of. The victim (who later died), was air-lifted to Singapore's Mount Elizabeth hospital for critical healthcare, which is basically controlling the infection.

Anand said once the infection was controlled the patient could live upto a maximum five years without undergoing a transplant, by observing total parentral nutrition programme.

The need for an intestinal transplant centre arose as soldiers on high altitude were facing problems due to blood-supply cut-off to the intestines (vascular thrombosis), thereby causing damage.

A few hospitals in India, like AIIMS and Gangaram have tried this transplant but have not been very successful.

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