Saturday, October 27, 2012

Praveen Bakshi, CEO, Aeromatrix Info Solutions (P) Ltd. Denies Any Link With VVIP Chopper Deal Irregularities

"With regards to the various news reports published in the print media and electronic media, I Praveen Bakshi seek to clarify that there is no involvement of mine or of the company Aeromatrix of which I am the principal officer, with any defence dealings and particularly that of the VVIP helicopter purchase by the Govt of India.

I manage the day to day affairs of Aeromatrix which is involved in provision of virtual engineering support services. The company which started with 50 employees today has about 70 employees on its roles. All business transactions of the company with its customers are completely accounted for and transparent.

I once again reiterate that there is no connection of mine with any corrupt practices whether in India or overseas."

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