Tuesday, September 25, 2012

'One Rank One Pension: Misleading Announcement By Govt' : Ex-servicemen Cry Foul, Write To PM

"Hon’ble Prime Minister,

1.  The grandiose announcement by the Govt that One Rank One Pension has been approved by the Cabinet was met with lot relief by the Ex servicemen who have been agitating for its acceptance for more than 30 years.  However, this sense of relief was short lived as the details of the decision unfolded and our fears brought before you vide our letter dated 18 Jul 2012 became a reality (Copy of the letter enclosed).  What has been given, albeit grudgingly, does not even meet the provision of the Armed Forces Tribunal Judgements in favour the Defence Personnel which is  effective from 01.01.2006. This decision is from a prospective date.

2.   Sir, OROP even at the risk of repetition, is “Defence Personnel with the same rank and same length of service must draw the same pension irrespective of the date of retirement and any future enhancement would be automatically granted to them”.  This also means that no senior defence person should ever draw pension less than his junior. Sir, It further means “Removal of the Gap” and not Bridging the Gap.  To illustrate, a Sepoy, Naik and Havlidar have been given an increase of only Rs 400 per month, whereas a Sepoy who retired on 31.01.2012 draws approx Rs 4000/- more than those retired prior to 2006.  Similarly, major disparity still exists in the officer ranks. This, we feel, is primarily due to non inclusion of members from Defence Personnel in the committee headed by the Cabinet Secretary, a request which the three Chiefs made to the Raksha Mantri but was not accepted.

3.   Sir, the Ex servicemen expect the Govt to do Justice to them. This announcement has further disillusioned the Ex Servicemen fraternity who have decided to intensify their protest in a dignified manner on All India basis.

With Regards,                                                       
Yours Sincerely,

Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM"

Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh,Vice Chairman of the Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement has written to the PM, Defence Minister, and the three service Chiefs. He has been spearheading the movement for the past 6 years plus.

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