Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Army Chief Says 'We Wont Allow Repeat Of 1962' --As If We Have A Choice !!

Sir, such statements look good only in luncheons , like the one held by you today for losers. Its China's prerogative whether to attack or not, its not what you think or want. Your job is to be the Yes-man to the Govt, and make the press happy by such statements.

Sir, since you haven't read my Open cover story on China's war-plans  , here it is for you info :




Binay said...

Well said Ms Sharma... I appreciate your words... In fact this man is a puppet of this Corrupt, Anti-people, Anti-national Govt. He has no courage like his predecessor. Have you remember His comment on the 1st day in office "China is not an enemy its just a competitor"... And remember the words of Gen V K Singh "We need 2 front doctrine to deal with Pak and china "... The words tell enough about their personalities... Jai Hind...

Anonymous said...

previous chiefs have also made similar comments including the last one...its part of their job profile...even if they know it,are they really going to say that we're going get our asses kicked...come on!!!