Thursday, August 16, 2012

IAF's Sqn Ldr Ajit Bhaskar Vasane : Shaurya Chakra

Sqn Ldr Ajit Bhaskar Vasane by Chindits
Sqn Ldr Ajit Bhaskar Vasane, a photo by Chindits on Flickr.
On 10 Oct 11, Sqn Ldr AB Vasane was authorised to lead a two aircraft training mission. At an altitude of 9 km, the Head-Up Display (HUD) of the aircraft flickered and after a while, went blank. Immediately thereafter, fire emanated from the starboard side of the HUD. The situation deteriorated rapidly with noxious fumes and smoke filling the cockpit. In these circumstances with rapidly increasing intensity of fire posing a great personal risk, he initiated emergency recovery of the aircraft. While doing so, with exceptional presence of mind and courage of the highest order, he elected to avoid overflying various petro-chemical installations in the vicinity of the area, even though this prolonged flight endangered his life.

Throughout the flight, he displayed exceptional courage, maintained extreme calm and composure, thorough professionalism and presence of mind in keeping with the highest traditions of the Indian Air Force. Sqn Ldr AB Vasane’s courageous actions in handling such an unforeseen critical emergency not only saving himself and recovering the aircraft, but also preventing possible catastrophic damage to the strategically important and vital petro-chemical installations in the area, which are a national asset.

For the display of exceptional courage and very high standards of professionalism, Squadron Leader Ajit Bhaskar Vasane has been awarded Shaurya Chakra.


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